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» Quiz: Which vampire from the Vampire Chronicles By Anne Rice are you?
Which vampire from the Vampire Chronicles By Anne Rice are you?
created by TheVampireLestat13

Discover which vampire from Anne Rice's novels you associate with, and reawaken the Child of Darkness within...

1.) What's your opinion on religion and the occult?
I know what I have seen and heard from the mouth of God Himself, and I, I am the either an angel of might, or a demon of hellish proportions...
I've always been searching for the truth, and I have yet to find satisfaction for the eternal hell I endure each night that I roam amongst the living.
I know nothing of God or the Devil. I have never seen a vision nor learnt a secret that would damn or save my soul...
I am religion reborn. I shall ascend the throne of humanity and become the goddess of mortals and immortals, and I shall be worshipped...

2.) What is your opinion on life?
Life is a precious, tender thing, and it's a tragedy that mortals can't see the death before their eyes and I can and in that I find they're beautiful
Before I became the monster of the night, my life was no less an eternal hell than it is now, and I have never known release from pain nor fear...
I have few memories of the life long before, and in that I have lost all that I may have known and now I know that the memory is the knowledge of life
Life is fragile and yet so many fail at it miserably. It is not the worldly gain that defines the life, but the wisdom that life was lived and known.
Mortals are useless, expendable creatures. Their lives are worthless to me in the scheme of things, and I shall be goddess of their lives...

3.) What do you know of your maker, your sire, the one who bore the Dark Gift and brought you into the Night of Eternity?
I know little of my Maker. I had no choice. He chose me because I was beautiful, and he threw himself to the fire after my transformation
My maker was Lestat. I love him and yet I hate him, and I cannot understand him. At times I can walk away, and at others, I cannot bear lonliness.
Marius made me as I am. It was in the 1500's and he was a painter, and I an apprentice, and without him I would have died, but now I've died inside...
I was stolen from a prosperous life in Rome, and made by a god of the trees, burnt black in the Great Fire, and searching for answers...
I was not made. I am a goddess. Unrivaled, unperturbed by worthless humans and servile immortals. I am above all creation...

4.) What are your goals and ambitions, or your previous endeavors?
I'm adventurous and ambitious. Dark Avenger or evil. Messenger of God. Rock Star. I have found answers now that I have not but to keep going...
Perhaps I ask for more than can be ever found. Release from pain. Answers. Truth. and Peace. I'd give up, but I know I haven't the courage.
I need to find solace in a modern era, and a way to reconnect me with the age, and other immortals, perhaps I have drifted too far?
I search for something infallible, and perhaps nonexistent. Answers no one can give. and Knowledge that no one can know, and wisdom above all...
I know that I shall rule the world, and become a goddess to all for to worship, and I shall rid the world of nearly all men, and women shall rule.

5.) What, or whom do you feed upon, and look to for nourishment?
I have yet to drink the blood of any living thing for a long time now since my last endeavor. I have forsworn it. Before? Criminals. the Beautiful.
I prefer to feed on animals if I must, but I have begun to resist the temptation, and rarely do I strike a human being down but will feed on criminals
I feed on the vagabond. The criminal. The rogue. The evildoer. I have because it is my nature. And if I am not thirsty, I do not kill.
I feed only upon the criminal or the evildoer, the rogue and the vagabond. But I have mastered the Little Drink, where killing is unneccessary...
Whomsoever I damn well please.

6.) When and where were you created?
Paris, France 1784
New Orleans, Louisiana 1791
Venice, Italy 1500
Northern Gaul, Black Forest (circa) 500 B.C
I was not created. Must I repeat myself. You shall die for your impertinence.

7.) What is your most valued possession?
My sanity, my memory, and my identity.
An old, glass daguerrotype of my long, lost, deceased love, whom I shall never forget. Ahh, mon amour, how I weep for thee!
The Night Island. It is a private island near Florida. An escape from it all, and a beautiful place to find solace...
Books, paintings, artifacts and scrolls...anything that connect me with my era, pardon my nostalgia.
My intelligence, wit, cleverness, ability to rule, and my beauty.

8.) What is your favorite place to be?
My flat on the Rue Royale in New Orleans
The Cafe du Monde, and other haunts throughout New Orleans
The Night Island
Old, archaic, nostalgic places like Rome, Alexandria, Venice, Cairo and Athens.
Anywhere where I am queen.

9.) What is your favorite color of choice in your garments and etcetera?
Blue Violet and Black
Black and Green
Black and Red
Deep Reds and Gold
Blue Jewels and Egyptian gold

10.) What is your greatest fear?
Death, and the thought of being destroyed and dying and discontinuation of existence, and also forgetting who I am...
That there is no God, and no answers to be found, and all my existence is futile and worthless
Losing touch and connection with reality again, and losing those I care about.
Forgetting all that I have known or learned, and who I am, and roaming about mindless for centuries more, and never knowing anyone to tell my tales to
Fear? Why should I fear anything? Pathetic mortals and immortals fear. I do not.

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