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Quiz TitleAuthorHOTHitsRatingDate
What type of Viking are you?TyrOfNiflheim8169103705.9612/6/04
What Monarch Are You?jyll51348467756.7712/2/04
what color moon dragon are you?ShodowedSoul301092266.332/8/04
What Historic Woman Are You?jyll51141870477.1512/4/04
What infamous person are you?i fuck alf900800256/4/04
Which of the 7 Ancient Wonders are you?Dhirsti78257416.276/2/04
what age should you live inthedisreputablegirl694143605.097/3/04
What United States Coinage Are You?omegadrax69322415.545/27/04
What 20th Centuary War Would Like to Be In?psychoEd55015644.4512/23/04
Which Famous Artist are You?elfish8850814417.111/31/05
Would you make a good general?mrdeez19147112176.661/17/05
what time period are u??ready2cyber6946262202.666/14/04
Are you a flapper or a rapper?flapper_girl45817885.1510/1/04
Are you truly in love?sugarnspice1843137092.526/3/04
Can you be a REAL Norweigan Viking?(pics)GodessOfDeath42621997.7511/16/04
What Queen r u??lil_hillbilly41623324.1212/28/04
Don't Take This Quiz, Whatever You Do!!!!Icarus41616493.521/18/05
Who from History Are You?????rockfan8840136106.841/26/05
which CIVILIZATION are U?ispittedonyou3958725.082/13/05
Are you a Goth?Calylith3898056.711/23/05
What modern bad guy are you?Mikefall36412554.551/21/05
How much do YOU know about Mayhem?Calylith3597457.751/23/05
Fun Quiz About HistorySoccergal_0135259932/24/05
If You Lived During the American Revolution, Would You Be a Patriot or Loyalist? For Americans pleasrockfan883507207.662/21/05
SLIPKNOT OR KORNsp0nky34613361.9611/15/04
WHAT DUMONT RESIDENT ARE YOU?gfyrocks343679512/31/04
American RevolutionSoccergal_013415338.52/21/05
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