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» Quiz: What Stravaganza, City of Masks Character
What Stravaganza, City of Masks Character
created by Lycon

Match up your Talien Identy by taking this quiz!

1.) Stupid question, but I like Tourture, What is your favourite coular
Gold, Silver swirlly pretty coulars like my note book
Earthy tones, brown, green
The coular of magic
The Pretty coulars, blue, pink, yellow

2.) What do you do when you see a fire
umm i don't really care
Fire is a type of magic, only some posses this power
Is this supposed to be entertaining?
I don't have time, to many family buisness to take care of
RUN! Take cover, RUN AWAY, SAVE YOURSELF! go on without me!

3.) Are you a stravangant?
Yes indeed........
Does it look like i care, wtf?
No But I will pay you sliver to take me to anyone who is
yes... i mean ........who are you! Get away! you'll never take me alive! /parinoied/

4.) what are your priorites?
to help others
find out who I am
To excell in science, magic and many encounter that only I can explain
how to look pretty and not get assasinated
Famliy comes first, ALWAYS!
To escape to a new dimension where no one can find me

5.) What would your Talismen be?
A notebook
A family arilum
a book or wand
What is a Talismin?
I don't know but steal everyone elses!
A gold dish!

6.) What kind of a person are you?
well I am low lying person, quiet
Adventours, curious
I love science and never underestimate the power of knowledge
I am pretty, not nice person and I like my boy candy and I am obessed about looking younger
I am a person who will get what i want at any cost, and I help me and me only
I don't like to have attention, I get blamd for alot of things, like witch craft that one time....

7.) Pick an power
Power to heal and travell
A power to be strong, atheltic
power to fly
A power of ruling a kingdom
power of truth and purity

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