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» Quiz: Which character from The Sun and The Moon are you?
Which character from The Sun and The Moon are you?
created by kissmysock

This quiz is based on my story "The Sun and The Moon" and it's sequel. If you have yet to read it and would like to, you can find it at http://sun-n-moon13.diaryland.com, along with information on all of the characters.

1.) What hair color and style is the closest to your own or appeals to you most?
Short, straight, blonde
Shoulder-length, wavy, ebony
Long, messy, brunette
Short, spiked, black with silver streaks
Long, Curly, Scarlet
I do not have hair, I have a skull for a head
Short, tussled, brown-red
Long, semi-wavy, black
Long, straight, golden red

2.) Which of these magical abilities would you most prefer to have? (NOTE - Not all characters have magical abilities)
Fire, electricity and light
Ice, Nocturnal vision, premonitions
Strength, ability to read minds
Necromancy, invisibility
Some healing, telekinesis
The ability to fly and control fire
The ability to fly and control water

3.) Which of these colors do you like most?
Yellow, light blue
Ebony, blood red
Gray, silver
Jade green
Seafoam green, aqua
Acid green

4.) Which of these would you prefer to be?
A confused psycho that hates the world / ruler of the world
A person of pure good
A soreceress who has yet to discover her power
A water faerie
A fire faerie
A healer
An ancient healer
A Necromancer
A dwarf
A very strong and evil man

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