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» Quiz: Which character are you from the Southern Vampire Series?
Which character are you from the Southern Vampire Series?
created by BikerChick85

Which character are you?

1.) What do you do at sunset?
Work at Merlotte's
Do all the stuff an owner does at their bar.
Wake up, drink some O positive..look for my girlfriend.
Do some business, harass my employees.
Wake up, work at fangtasia.

2.) What do you think of vampires?
There's only space for one in my heart.
Their fine as long as they leave my employee's alone.
I am one!
Ehh..I am one, but they don't exactly float my boat.

3.) What do you think of Telepaths?
I am one.
The only one I know is Hot!
Their pretty cool, but only one is the best.
Their valuable.
Ehh..I only know one..she's all right.

4.) What do you think of shapeshifters?
Hmm..somewhat threatening, but nice.
I am one!!
As long as they leave my girl alone, their fine.
Annoying little pests..

5.) What do you think of Weres?
They can be sweet, or they can be really mean and crude.
I've never known one.
I don't like them very much.
Their the lowest rung on the food chain..even lower than humans.
I don't know..

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