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» Quiz: Which anime character are you?
Which anime character are you?
created by flamingtiger0306

You find out which of the 15 anime characters you are most like.

1.) What would you do if somebody told you that they are going to kill you or take over the world?
You fight for fun and saving everyone
You fight with all your might and for honor
You follow your father's steps and fight to save the world and the fun of it
You find his weak point after you fight him without thinking
You try to fight but your cell rings and the girl you were about to take on a date is griping about how late you are
You try to show everyone that you can take him with your spirit sword
you beat him to a bloody pulp with your fists and then hit them with your spirit gun
you confuse them with your speed and if they are a little tougher than usual you send your dragon of the darness flame after them
you are the person who threaten to kill someone and are going to kill off the human race for your master knives
you use your rose whip on them and try to pinpoint the weak point
you talk it over with your other self and save the world by dueling
you either cut them into a million pieces with your sword or use your nails to shred them apart
you have an all out battle but always keep from injuring them to the point of dieing
you use our bow and shoot them and then let Inuyasha finish them off
you fight them to the death and just make it out alive by luck

2.) what would you do if the earth was gonna blow up in two days?
you evacuate the planet and send them to another planet not too far away
you are already on another planet and the earth has already blown up a long time ago and you want to get rid of the filthy humans
you are already on another planet and the earth has already blown up a long time ago
you would take your ship to the bebop and never go back to earth
you go in a well to another era and bring your family and friends back with you
you are in the past and don't have to worry about that but you have to worry about the jewel shards and other demons
you help your father evacuate the planet
you help get the stragglers to the other planet
you are already on the other planet talking to your girlfriend
you go to another dimension and take your sister with you
you go to another dimension and take your girlfriend with you
you go to another dimension and take your mother with you
you could care less about the puny pathetic humans and go back to your dimension and bring your sister with you
you bring your friends and grandpa to another realm to save them
you could care less about the humans and get your family to the other planet

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