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» Quiz: which phsycadellic penguin are you?
which phsycadellic penguin are you?
created by bagelboy13

find out witch super-dee-duper amazingly wonderful phsycadellic penguin you are

1.) what kind of eyeballs do you have?
my beautiful eyeballs make me happy. i think i shall kiss them
wawtch you talkin bout dog? nodawdy sees my eyes. i wear shades.
hi hitler, eyeball
erm... my eyeballs have sunk into my flesh... i cant see right
my eyeballs are invisible
i have groomed beautiful sexylicious eyes
my eyes are for god
er... my eyes are boring
i have supa-star eyes
i have the best eyeballs... arent you happy? you should be GET HAPPY YOU FREAK. MY EYEBALLS ROCK
er... i have ghetto eyes

2.) what kind of music do you like?
music that makes me cry. ya know?
im a nothing music person
i like the sound of ghettoness
i like church music
elevator music of course
i like the sound of jews being shot((knock on wood))... its music to my ears
i like the sound of my bone thin arm being touched by the doctor

3.) pick a color
a swastika motif
puke green
eyeball colors
deep blue
rainbow/tye dye
a cross motif
ummm is clearisil a color... oh... i think thats a pimple cream
boringness rocks.... er... is boring

4.) choose:
adolf hitler
cameron diaz
er......... me of course
aretha franklin
angelina jolie

5.) who am i
my friend
my homie G dawg
er... my computer
the voice in my head
a case of lipstick
a good person

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