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Quiz TitleAuthorHOTHitsRatingDate
Which Zodiac Sign Would You Be Most Compatible With?Rise to Demise545851115415.758/23/04
Do you make me horny?Clover21937235044.211/9/05
What letter does the name of your true love start with? (for girls)young9862851381003.6312/19/04
What BEAUTIFUL anime girl are you?Gistle4571282426.166/11/04
Would I date You(Girls Only)Totallytwisted4242119368.197/20/04
What Type of Flirt are You?JyAnHw214874009579897.301/2/05
What celeb guy will you marry?(Only girls take this unless your gay!!)~Angel~4008327486.668/24/04
do girls hate you? (for guys! duh!)puRdY_buTTafLy_143369489455.625/5/04
what TYPE of guy is right for you?northstar42034291623045.2411/17/04
what label should you date?foreverwalkalone323676325.619/18/04
Are you Gay,Straight, Lesbian, or Bi-Sexual?Lukin4BiGrl307069984.2312/21/04
Would we make a good couple? (guys, Bi/Lesbian females) *PIX!!*a_modern_romance298237876.7511/29/04
Who is your famous soul mate? (For Girls)BikerChick8529151352626.691/26/04
Do you like porn more than you think?lilrednecrebel200627713006712/30/04
Which WWE Diva Are You gonna marry?Halo-MC271428717.512/31/04
**WhAt MaN WiLL YoU MaRRy??**lalalahollywood270197605.701/9/05
Your South Park Dream DateTechnologicque247294298.758/10/04
What type of anime couple are you?LunaSea240639687.189/24/04
Does your crush like you??SwimminSweetie802192106145.6912/5/04
How Many Kids Will You have?MommyTyrant1980308613.898/26/04
Want to date me?kris10181622086.339/19/04
Does he like YOU or your PUSSY, were you just a fuck?MarMar420176725357.51/11/05
Would U do good in my group of friends?Moira16811945none11/24/04
!!! who do you want me or my sister or some1 else or both me n sis?shatteredgirlash168024464.338/25/04
what type of boy do you like?572757271333584976.007/6/04
Are you a hoe? (For Gurlz only)stranger2daworld411323174125.766/28/04
you like him .. does he like you ? (girlsz only)xo babii` lee1228485016.3510/15/04
which beyblade character will u go out with?(GIRLS ONLY!)kai22121422757.888/20/04
Are you my type?(girls only)Monkey_master7118762385.316/15/04
What kind of bf/gf are you?((with pix))Softballsweetie11221517103/13/05
Would I date you?(Girls only) UpdatedTotallytwisted99055488.298/22/04
Are you a good kisserSpAm4x9581938487.0510/24/04
How romantic are you?ForEverYourrs955238887.7012/28/04
Are You In Love?AmAnDaMarIe137699211215436.125/18/04
Are you a good girl/boyfriend?megzcush885964016.244/18/04
what sort of boy are you looking for?perfectfifth815230567.258/10/04
How long will your relationship last?gs gal777276896.616/8/04
Would I Date You? (GUYS ONLY)forgotten_emotion7731075101/2/05
Are you In LOVE??SpAm4x751592976.9410/23/04
What Kind of Love Are You?blakesxnightmare712547286.238/13/04
Who Loves You?mourn_396709445505.731/28/04
Would I date you?(with pix!!!!) ***BOYS ONLY!!!!!***greeneyed.gal70719158.0712/18/04
relationship quizlogansdate624180305.4612/9/03
Got a Dick....Then take this quiz!XjuvenileX_XdelinquentX60610087.41/8/05
Would my hot friend Savannah date you?southernsass587770512/16/04
Which one of my female friends would be perfect for you?vampyrx5767808.311/26/04
Which one of my male friends would be best suited to you?vampyrx55411917.9211/25/04
Lesbian,Bisexual,or StraightWitnessyourreplacement5399517.2512/13/04
Who is your soulmate?(guys and dykes only)opiumskye53828095.786/2/04
Is he crushing on you?BlackBitch53856796.9511/25/04
what type of lover are you?kallmeaznracer536162227.1911/27/04
How Sweet Are You?~KinkyAngel~536121584.171/14/05
What Colour Is Ur Love Life??sexi_bebe6953297846.298/11/04
will you ever find love?crimsonprincess5268501.663/4/05
Which Premiership Football player is perfect for you?vampyrx5127958.9111/23/04
Would i date you? (with my actually pic)MySweetSunset51214705.571/9/05
Does she exist? Would you be compatible with me? (GIRLS only please!)EverDream50817474.449/17/04
Are you my type of guy? (Guys only, obviously...)_-_Krisikins_-_4888998.259/25/04
Which kiss are you? (pics)shizzypoos486386213.0412/5/04
What color are you ?FoxyRoxy485279215.404/16/04
What does ur crush think about u?Jenc11480175405.2411/16/04
Can you have the Jen? (girls/boys)PinkFetish47315536.598/8/04
What's your sexuality?bleedingnitemares46953956.487/28/04
Would I go out with youDemon_of_love46823205.951/2/05
Am I Worthless?(for guys)MorbidSuicide66646541606.344/24/04
Are you good at being a gf/bf?....be honestDidyoufindNemo?45221557.512/20/04
What type of guy is right for U?! (Very true reasults!)Gistle450580103/14/05
Which Hot Celebrity Guy is your Perfect Match?QuEeNz_CuTiE44012413.6612/25/04
Where do you 2 stand?onenonlybabeegirl43537257.27/21/04
HoW do U kno if HE LIKES U??sexi_bebe69433418757.298/9/04
Are U ObSeSSeD With YouR CruSh?QuEeNz_CuTiE43265108.2512/30/04
What friend or foe are you?kenram6642719265.4611/5/04
Which one of my exes are you? (Men only)i fuck alf42610907.926/2/04
how easy are you?teddyomnicon425177594.347/9/04
just friends or more?gs gal421144756.146/9/04
What you'd do if you were this dude 1000 years ago...Gistle41716777.856/11/04
Would I date you? (Y chromosomes only)Caterina41411467.555/28/04
Would you stand a chance (GIRLS ONLY!!!)Trapezium40990846.224/4/04
I'm wondering if you'd be my type?Polaris4089298.6811/19/04
does he/she have the same feelings?crimson_cheeks40611288.371/7/05
WoUlD i DaTe ChU??(FoE cUtE/HoT/FiNe AsS GuYz OnLy!)XXMZ2NVXX4057073.331/2/05
Wanna see what I think about you?ariadelle40370705.482/19/04
What letter does the name of your true love start with? (for guys)young9840283173.3912/19/04
Which crazy Ex-Girlfriend of mine are you?zackoiswhacko39244372.54/14/04
Would i like to be with you (boys only plz)browneyedsuicide39017476.547/25/04
What kind of ROSE are you? *PICS*holenewworld1639079445.792/15/05
What your true flirt device is?CuteBlondie1238777623.281/1/05
Is He The Right Guy For You???Gothic Bitch383298537.043/29/04
Would you be my boyfirend??????/skulls380708102/4/05
Are you Attracted to your friend?StrawberryGashes37316008.6611/1/04
Are you a good girlfriend? (girls only)coachz100366602012/29/04
If we were to date it would be...(female only)nn_step363613712/15/04
souls of the forggoten36131204.757/25/04
Are you a good friend?Emma!35891826.0612/23/03
R U hot enough for me???(guys plez)StupidLilPoser3557427.2511/21/04
Would I Date You? (Im a chick, anyone can take it)CreepShowChick3546639.281/4/05
are you right for me?shatteredgirlash3465016.578/25/04
Does SHE like youblacknailpolish3466278.611/6/05
Are You My TypeKILLmissEmerica83454958.3312/27/04
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