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» Quiz: Which one of my homeboys are you?
Which one of my homeboys are you?
created by lordofdarkness

Find out which one of my homeboys you are. (They are all fictional characters.)

1.) What qualities must your significant other possess?
A quirky, odd, personality.
Well, I focus primarily on the physical aspect of relationships...so you do the math.
I don't have time for a significant other.
Doesn't matter, I just don't want to be neglected.
Fine epithelials!

2.) Ok, label yourself. Because I said so.
I'm in denial about my geekiness.
Computer nerd, but I'm also goofy.
I don't have a label. I just latch on to people, hoping that they'll like me.
I was a nerd, but now I'm cool.

3.) How do you express your ideas?
I draw them.
I ramble on about the stuff I think about. People usually find me annoying.
I don't have my own ideas. I just talk about the ideas of other people.
I express them in any way that will draw attention to myself.
I make presentations. They can be quite entertaining.

4.) Would you ever run for president?
Maybe, but my speeches would put everyone to sleep.
Yeah, but my ideas are stupid, and no one would vote for me.
No, but I'd find other ways to make a difference in the world.
You bet! What a great way to get attention!
No, I prefer to work from behind the scenes.

5.) Would you ever sing karaoke?
I prefer dancing.
I don't have time for something like that.
Only to rock songs, after all, I could have been a rock star.

6.) Ok, pick the word that you like the best. This will allow your subconcious to answer the question with the answer best suited for your personality. At least I hope it will. Just pick one.

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