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Quiz TitleAuthorHOTHitsRatingDate
Are You Bisexual, Straight, or Lesbian? (Very, very Accurate if you answer honestly. Girls please.)Sinatra485571933386.817/6/04
What Porn Star would you be?emo4life32750337745.5712/13/04
What High School Stereotype Are You?silentscreams271822861505.005/31/04
What Kind of Soul Do You Retain?Daggerlyn250431457576.947/2/04
Are You Hanging Out With The Wrong Crowd?white_devil214292206271/8/05
How will you commit suicide?! (PICS!!!)XxXDeathsLastWishXxX19569782625.228/31/04
*How suicidal are you?* *(AWSOME PIX!)*Suicidal_Amber19125213744.0211/3/04
What Kind of Scorpio Are You?Ravenn17730186685.969/30/04
Your Psych-Ward diagnosiszen149871636735.525/17/04
What would your role be in a horror movie?saphrax13898154785.641/5/05
Which Random Irish Gaelic Phrase Are You?CraicBaby138871202386.975/13/04
How wet can you make me? (guys and lez/bi girls)The_skull13656141709.441/4/05
What Disney Princess Are You?tribute_mutant132733878665.491/31/04
how wet can u make me (bi/lez girls only)crazy_girl332211260114259.61/7/05
Which Holy Grail Character Are You?zen9406312286.607/8/04
What clothing store are you?MoBecca9312968246.1112/19/04
Which God or Goddess are you?Nyuusen89911545806.475/16/04
Pissy Missy SissySejiph861487868.411/23/04
What kind of eyes do you have? (with pictures)TimesRChngn068468676216.3512/20/04
What is your drug? (PICS)XxXDeathsLastWishXxX8310429466.748/29/04
What kind of eyes do you have?number1dork9070093328455.808/10/04
The MOOD quiz! (With cool blinkies!)forgottenfire62061171685.754/16/04
Which of Visoko Playaz are you most like? (English)becir6202637763/30/04
What type of attitude problem do you have? (pics)darknessblinds5995992636.697/19/04
Which Teenage Subculture Do You Best Fit In? (Beta Version)Tornado_Creator599072193.705/25/04
What kind of cocksucker are you?MissFortune594366588.5712/16/04
Which Boy Meets World Character are You?Dragon of Flame5734488686.517/16/04
what turns you on?disturbedgirl5722121695.3410/3/04
are you a attention seeker with out knowing it?? ((pictures))uselesstocry567761057.512/3/04
What does your birth month reveal about you?evilia54694756746.927/23/04
which hellboy character are you?tablesidepox53035337none1/15/05
What is your personal mascot?forgottenfire5243251555.024/14/04
What career in the horse world best suits you?ILUVHORSES4727298776.685/30/04
Which Yugioh Character are you!?Bakura10463498816.353/19/04
do you know how to please me??? (LEZ AND BI GIRLS ONLY)curious_gurl69459253948.612/15/04
R u Hot, Sexy, Ugly, Pretty, Geeky? Come here to FIND OUTprostar123457981427.348/20/04
What Kind of PUNK are you?! (AWESOME PICS FOR GIRLS!)XxXDeathsLastWishXxX4495377554.798/28/04
Which Scorpio are you?Ravenn440248857.8410/11/04
What social outcast are you? find out here...XxXDeathsLastWishXxX4094108085.58/29/04
Would my sister fuck you?(she wrote this quiz) (guys and gurls)WeirdAssGrl407245096.1212/14/04
What Kind of Guy Do You Attract?chillininpeace40441019314.1012/12/04
What kind of Goth are you?Margoth403463575.6611/11/04
Which Legend of Zelda character are you?Orpheus403062797.403/16/04
How Bitchy Are You?MommyTyrant359154494.18/25/04
What subculture do you belong too?lithium347338225.69/18/04
what do people see you as? (jock, prep, slut, goth, etc..BloodyAngel3426202303.701/10/05
Which Inuyasha Character would you fall in love with(Girls only)(revised)Pharoes_Goddess159338939417.199/6/04
BI/Lez Girls.....Wanna Fuck ME? ((pics))Chicky123453328204538.2512/5/04
What's your kissing style??scorpio_babe823311643617.9211/10/04
Which High School Label are you?Dark Child320145463.9210/17/04
What kind of anorexic are you?daisychain315735376.5510/18/04
What St.Elmo's Fire character are you?MissFortune31183447912/19/04
What Elemental Goddess Are You? (With pictures)FadingAway202299981086.626/30/04
What type of person r u? (Gurlz)L0LL1 pR1Nc3sS293737606.6211/11/04
HOW DO YOU LIKE UR BI/LEZ PARTNER TO FUCK YOU?curious_gurl69290737969.7712/17/04
DO YOU KNOW ME?gothic_ana29053359none1/8/05
What discipline of horse riding are you?helmelmoose2903323759/3/04
RANDOM QUESTION PERSONALITY QUIZ! VEEEERRRRY TRUE RESULTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!KANGAROO28351184516.588/21/04
Are you CUTE, HOT OR BEAUTIFUL ? FIND OUT.FoxyRoxy28253071364.444/17/04
What Color Best Describes You?Mistyhorserider2796122105.869/5/04
Who's Your Harry Potter Lover?Scheherazade279138326.666/26/04
What kind of girl are you?FadingAway2022685251234.803/27/04
What kind of teen are you?otaku-chan-san-ni2572459425.277/8/04
are u a moaner, heavy breather or a screamerlyfe_sucks255936709.1112/25/04
What is your confidence level?Missk251745517.298/5/04
What is your real name? ( girls only)thefirstnoel24251009383.597/16/04
The Completely Honest Quiz.taintedsoul241238095.339/17/04
What's your symbol?sweetsixsixsix235289455.5510/31/04
Whats your stress level?xgirl2336333839/5/04
How dark is your soul?Fey231557677.567/5/04
Have you ever been spanked? By who?Chelsea13230223824.7112/24/04
What Senior Superlative are YouJyAnHw21487224043097.781/1/05
what should your screen name be?bye bye world223060153.415/7/04
what kind of girlfriend are you? (girls only)kidviciousismyman21841338817.076/26/04
Girl, Interruptedcroww_221323045710/1/04
Which song describes you?bedtimebear9789212923875.258/28/04
What Does Your Soul Originate From?FadingAway202212173426.233/14/04
What does your inner soul say about you? (GREAT ANIME PICS FOR GIRLS!)XxXDeathsLastWishXxX210992547.048/28/04
Should You date older people or younger?(EVERYONE)me_myself_and_I208328883.887/13/04
Are you a mage, fighter or agnostic?synthesized_darkness2059227576/13/04
Are you dead inside?truely_loved_darkness20292075none12/24/04
How gross are you?-=*Becstir*=-198726073.908/3/04
FOR YOU GIRLS! what do you most hate about guys?northstar4201942150625.8611/17/04
Are you retarded?i fuck alf193431085.806/1/04
Hentai LevelKillerDreaming18812185512/20/04
what anime angel are you soon to have picsAloneinhell666181739997.5511/9/04
What Digimon Character are you? (Season 1)Kaoru009180224086.549/5/04
Do you give a fuck?UglyAsIAm176627537.547/11/04
What kind of hot stripper costume are you*for girls with hot pics*Aloneinhell6661748146516.131/15/05
would i let u fuck me? (GuYs OnLy)lithium168521336.335/20/04
Your inner vampire name...teh_mistress16562009510/21/04
Are you Classy, Sexy, Cute, or a Punk?MmmMiKES!1655199126.6111/2/04
How do you feel about quizzes?Chimera158918139.3311/20/04
How much would I pay you to suck my dickwyrd1511227639/17/04
What attracts you to people?? ((pics))uselesstocry1498125686.2812/4/04
Which Practical Magic Character are You?PracticalMagkWitch145515226.59/6/04
Which Freaks and Geeks Character R U???6th_Spice_Girl1453152061/10/05
What 'Vampire Chronicle' Character Are You?PredictableHatred14461707none1/2/05
What method of self-harm are you??Mansonfish140617497.412/6/04
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