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Quiz TitleAuthorHOTHitsRatingDate
techno quizSejiph47425690511/22/04
Who would you date from the Yu Yu Hakusho GangFoxlover405754897.2612/18/04
What computer virus are you?standarsh27362771276.175/17/04
What Sims Character are you? (pics)fandae303667875.337/26/04
Which Website Are You?katiemariie76940665.848/20/04
What sims NPC are you? (dirty version)sweetsixsixsix53419365.7511/5/04
What kind of neopet are you?coachz10052210065.6312/27/04
Which Chatroom Label Do You Possess?annoyinggurl52051819367.5510/17/04
What computer User are you?Invisible47914836.4411/20/04
Which website are you?AC46732423.153/23/04
Are you addicted to the internet?DarkAngel71946033154.8710/17/04
How Computer Literate Are You?seeplusplus45014976.932/1/05
Who Are You??3lvis2444616461.726/26/04
Which one of my RP characters are you?Fox_Magic44515216.254/4/04
which Cyrian RPG species are you a member of?synthesized_darkness38368177/2/04
What Operating System Are You?seeplusplus3797773.62/3/05
How 1337 are you?bigmick36622006.6812/8/04
which rs god are youCaerdrus349666510/4/04
are you addicted to myspace?qtpie15335649103/5/05
What kind of Drag0n are you?SkUlLKiD32614867.776/28/04
How well do you know runescape?Ruby32012216.088/8/04
Do you have a crappy computerVirusX31420192.88/25/04
Which operating system creator are you?kain3066116.41/1/05
Are you a true Home and Away fan?Chantal3044646.251/20/05
Which Sims expansion pack are you?Chantal30251901/21/05
Which inbuilt computer game are you?Lady_Nightmare30052281/23/05
Which Diablo II exp charactor are you?Lady_Nightmare2916087.51/22/05
Should U C My Website?lonelyshadowangel29040553/8/05
What horse coler you are?Horselove288373none2/15/05
Are You a Computer Geek?rockfan88283111172/5/05
How obsessed with avidgamers are you?Haylie2786352.88/24/04
Are you addicted to making quizzes?DarkAngel719278560510/17/04
R U A SIMS ADDICT?lilster505278413103/7/05
Who are you in Kingdom Hearts?darkBEAT266346none3/12/05
Are You A Myspace Slutangelsrejoice264382none3/12/05
Which Im server are youKensa2577823.838/29/04
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