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Quiz TitleAUTHORHotHitsRatingDate
which inuyasha beauty are you?`lOvely8517512/9/04
What random picture in my computer are you?`lOvely192562112/9/04
What Buffy THe Vampire Slayer character r u?_-_*#1hottie*_-_9489none1/19/05
Do I turn you on? (guys, bi's & lez's)_-_*#1hottie*_-_13510none1/27/05
r u straight, bi, or lez? Real answers!_-_*#1hottie*_-_9476none1/27/05
Are you my type of guy? (Guys only, obviously...)_-_Krisikins_-_1610858.259/25/04
Goth Hair Color?_-Aqua-_7546none12/18/04
ARE YOU STILL IN LVOE WITH YOUR EX?_babiibling_9498none1/24/05
Just How Hot are you?_Black_Heart_8449none2/1/05
Would I ever like you? (As a friend)_Black_Heart_185048.332/5/05
What is your Paranormal gift?_Black_Spotted_Lion_36152007.331/11/05
Which Metal Band are you?_bloodwork_12747612/31/04
HOW EMO ARE YOU?_bloodwork_85524.3312/31/04
Which Pro Skater are you?_bloodwork_131107512/31/04
What type of person are you?_bloodwork_1347101/26/05
r u a bob_bob_7421none3/9/05
What Mythical Creature Are You?_Broken_Inside_1758151/6/05
what are you waiting for?_crimson_falling_944782/2/05
why do you cry?_crimson_falling_8411none2/2/05
hOw muCh more hOrnier r U ? (( gUizz onlY ))_dam_yankee1996151/19/05
wat horse would u ride_dam_yankee8452none1/20/05
could you be my soul mate?_darla_305069.581/19/05
how well do you know music?_darla_1715708.351/22/05
What your zodiac sign reviels about you?_darla_135039.663/10/05
cool band album cover pix emo/punk_emo_romance_97155.8312/22/04
crimbo blinkie_emo_romance_12396none12/24/04
crimbo blinkies_emo_romance_9412none12/24/04
more pix-american beauty shining_emo_romance_14527none12/31/04
IM me CrystalnChains_Freekish_13701512/12/04
What Is Your Weapon Of Choice?_jordan_828376.57/14/04
Are you a true juggalo?_juggalette_4208618none12/5/04
What kind of horse are you?_Kool_Kat_145646.512/15/04
what kind of animal are you?_Kool_Kat_6518712/19/04
What smallville person are you?_lil_lisha_go_famous106335.751/28/05
What Ruby Gloom Quote Are You? ( Guys do yourself a favor,Save this for the girls)_Morbid_Angel_Wings_1020987.0811/22/04
What animal are you most like?_nobody*cares_949082/1/05
Which one of my dogs are you most like?_nobody*cares_943822/1/05
How Suicidal Are You?_OzzY_1076167/31/04
Are You, Goth, Punk, Prep, Poser_OzzY_87085.337/31/04
Wich Slipknot Song are you?_OzzY_978508/18/04
What Humanish Creature Are You?_Pufferfish_1457482/13/05
What character from my fantasy novel are you?_Pufferfish_95147.52/13/05
Which one of my pets are you?_Pufferfish_842982/13/05
what kind of punk are you?_punk_is_dead_97667.312/15/04
Why Do You Rawk Socks?_rawr10481none11/27/04
Which of my pets are you?_snicker_2167289/8/04
which green day song are you?_withering_rose_7430none2/22/05
What Atreyu Song Are You?_withering_rose_11461102/24/05
WoUlD I fUcK u?????GuRlZ oNlY((im a girl))_x_WhO_Am_I_?_x_158596.6612/8/04
what color is your blood?-_goth_-8873511/28/04
What one of My Fave. Bands/Singers are u?--Fuck-Med1cat1on--1366548/10/04
Wut kind of Soda r u?--Fuck-Med1cat1on--97162.378/11/04
How gross are you?-=*Becstir*=-3629273.908/3/04
What Type Of Fairy Are Yu-black-hearted-85477.661/19/05
Wat Peter Pan Character are Yu-black-hearted-54835.51/19/05
What Musician Are You?-Disoriented-108305.428/8/04
Find Out What Piercing Are You?-Emma-xo6499103/8/05
are You my Type? (Guys only)-haNnaH-11524none3/15/05
How weird are you?-in-joy-and-sorrow-810174.5510/23/04
What Number Are You?!-kassandra-95002.51/21/05
What NoFx cd are you-MyName-1940402/15/05
What do people think when they talk to yu-sexyflirt-8434102/27/05
What guy from SP are you?-So-Far-From-Sane-7421none2/13/05
Should i ask my crush out?-x-sxi_n_sweet-x-87976.161/5/05
would i fuck u?(for ne1):::DemonicAngel:::91092512/30/04
The Monkey Game :D:P I OWN U :P77448.6210/27/04
The Better What kind of city r u:P I OWN U :P1112483.8710/29/04
Are you the right guy for me!~stuffforu~!64666.662/5/05
which mcfly guy is for you!sexy_dudette!97705.11/28/05
R U an iceman from Pluto??imconfused?11434none12/13/04
Is ur liver made of jello??imconfused?78646.7512/13/04
do u know what this is?imconfused?75243.3312/13/04
what kind of Hershey's kiss r u??imconfused?9475none12/14/04
What cartoon charecter are you destined to be with?(girls only).::SiMpLeNcLeAn::.854771/26/05
how sexy are you?.::sofa_king_sexy::.128550.838/29/04
Are you 100 percent pure FREAK?.:.fairys.r.beautiful.:.109262.510/29/04
HoW HoRnY ArE YoU?.:black_sheep:.6973075.9612/21/04
how cool cat are you?.:dumbasssk8r:.851752/15/05
how daring is your life.:dumbasssk8r:.13474none2/16/05
Is your life worth living ?.:dumbasssk8r:.851252/27/05
are you my type?.:Im_sO_yEaH:.7492102/14/05
Which Teen Titans character are you?.:Link:.1511765.732/1/05
Would I date you?!.:sexi_kristy:.7581512/27/04
Are u crazy ?( in a good way ).:SexyKitten:.651751/27/05
What are you?.:The.Used:.1178671/3/05
Are you Gay?...what?611513.79/6/04
The Random Psycho ppl Test..Ally..115066.661/22/05
Would I Have Hardcore Sex With Yo0h? ((GUYS ONLY)).*Hayley.Jane*.4744858.1612/29/04
Which Band Are You?!.Barnacle.9557712/22/04
Which Totally Hot Guy Are You Going To Marry!.Barnacle.67534.412/22/04
Are you like me?.death.by.tigger.9575612/13/04
Is there anything between you and him?.fuck.your.broken.heart.11610912/24/04
Will I like You?.i.heart.stars.75587.251/30/05
Who are you?(?)FrEaK(?)7-13-45*655661/21/05
Are you a right brain thinker or a left brain?((((Angry))))87048.53/7/05
sex story(guys only)(Broken-Heart)116697.332/16/05
Which dragon spirt are you?(Broken-Heart)125248.42/16/05
What type of makeup are you?(insertnamehere)749277.62/21/05
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