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» Quiz: Which famous piece of literature are you?
Which famous piece of literature are you?
created by Emo_Death_Wish


1.) Your girlfriend/boyfriend just dumped you, what are you going to do?
Take it out on your co-workers at the pizza place
Take it out on your dog.
Kill yourself
Trick your dead girlfriend's best friend into sleeping with you
Hit someone

2.) You just got stuck babysitting for your annoying sibling what do you do?
Let her/him play with the dog
Bring your boyfriend/girlfriend over and make-out with them
Pretend your sick so someone else will do it
Make your lemming of a friend at your work do it

3.) You just got your algebra 2 exam back and it has a big fat F on it what do you do?
Kill the person next to you
What are you talking about I wont get an F
Sweet talk your teacher into letting you take it again
No, i didnt get an F I got my super smart friend to transfer answers with me

4.) Your boss at the pizza place is making you stay late at work what do you do?
Yell something out about fate then kill your boss
Weasel your way out of it
Do it, but curse your boss in your head
Sacrafice a squirrel and use its meat as a pizza topping

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