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» Quiz: Which Wheel of Time Character Are You?
Which Wheel of Time Character Are You?
created by Phobia

Which caracter from Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time Series are you?

1.) What color hair would you have?
Red(ish) hair
Gorgous fiery red hair
long brown hair pulled back into a tight braid
flowing black hair

2.) What is your prefered wepon?
Daggers small enough to be hidden on my person
An ax with a halfmoon blade and a spike
Two swords strapped to my back made by Aes Sedai
My own fist if I really have to....
A bow and arrow, Ya!!

3.) Who are you?
A warder
The Dragon Reborn
I was a Maiden of the Spear, but now I a Wise One
One of the forsaken
A ogier
An Aes Sedai
Brother to the heir of andor
I am from Saldaea, and my name means 'Falcon'
I am the Heir to the throne of Andor

4.) okay, here's an easy question, what color?

5.) What is your favorite book in the series?
The Eye of the World
The Great Hunt
The Dragon Reborn
The Shadow Rising
The Fires Of Heaven
Lord of Chaos
A Crown of Swords
The Path of Daggers
Winters Heart
Crossroads of Twilight

6.) What is the name of your horse you ride?
Lion Heart
Lover's Knot
Who needs a horse?
I prefer to travel by portal thank you

7.) so, what would you be doing during your weekend?
Trying to kill Elayne, Min, and Aviendha so I may win back my love
trying to keep from going insane
Snaping at everyone except for my husband
sneaking around forming secret groups and such..
Practicing with my bow
trying to get the Dragon Reborn to follow my advice
Practicing with my sword

8.) Favorite Sword Move?
Humming Bird Kisses the Rose
Cat Crosses the Courtyard
Sheathing the Sword
The Swallow Takes Flight
Parting The Silk
Moon on the Water
The Wood Grouse Dances
Ribbon in the Air
Stones Falling from the Cliff
Lightning of Three Prongs
Leaf on the Breeze

9.) What is you favorite Phrase in the book?
Blood and Bloody light!
Woolheaded Sheeperder!
Tai Shar Manethern
Tai'Shar Malkier
only fools will kiss goats and bite fire!

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