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» Quiz: Lives of the Daughter of Flame
Lives of the Daughter of Flame
created by LadyCassandra

Based on the fictionpress.com and fanfiction.net works of Alyx Bradford -- which life of the Daughter of Flame do you most resemble?

1.) We're going to start with the mandatory color question and get it out of the way.
Blood red
Dark blue
Dark green
Robin's egg blue
Pale green

2.) Now... if you could choose the way you look, what would you look like?
Impressive height, flashing eyes, a long blonde braid.
Average height, curly red-brown hair, hazel eyes, sun-browned skin
Tiny and pale, long dark hair, with an ethereal grace.
Wispy, slender, blonde hair and bright blue eyes.
Lots of light, curly hair, green eyes, and a strong build
Small but strong build, flashing green eyes, hair that's sort of red and sort of gold
Very fair skin, very red hair, and very green eyes.
Very tall, sharp features, blond hair, eyes so dark blue they're nearly black
Tall, with thick dark hair and flawless skin.
Ivory skin, hourglass figure, jade eyes and insanely long blond hair
Smallish, pale skin, curly blond hair, birdlike features.
Tall and strong, definitely tawny, with eyes that border on gold.
Streaming dark hair, slender, dark eyes, and a Mediterranean complexion
Average height and build, sharp features, dark eyes
A lithe figure, plain auburn hair, and angular features.
Strong and well-toned, dark-skinned and dark-haired
Tall for your kind, bouncy blond curls, sharp blue eyes.
Fair skin, red-gold curls, bright green eyes, and a killer smile
Olive skin, striking features, and long, thick black hair.

3.) You'd say your strongest virtue is...
A good attitude
Leadership skills
A strong sense of purpose
A strong sense of self
Sheer willpower.

4.) And your downfall?
Thinking I know more than I do.
Ignoring responsibility.
Refusing help when it's offered.
Mouthing off at the wrong time.
Tendency to overreact
Poking around in places I don't belong.
Losing my temper.
A mild touch of insanity
Having an immense blind spot in reasoning.
Getting in over my head
Taking the wrong chances
Being severely bull-headed.
Being slightly bats.
Bad judgment.
Really bad judgment.

5.) So tell me about your childhood
A little stifled. I was cared for, but not really nurtured very much.
Uncertain. We were always wondering if we were going to make it.
Miserable. No one liked me, not even my family. I was a complete and total outcast.
Pretty typical. My family was well-off but not rich, dutiful but not close.
The picture of naivete. I was completely clueless.
Happy. I was the darling of the community and grew up strong and brave.
I was the black sheep of the family.
A blur. There were so many kids in our family, I got lost in the crowd
I never really had a chance to make friends because my family moved so often.
Lonely with one parent, loving with the other.
Hectic, unsettled, and short. I grew up fast.
Well, the first few years were lovely, and then it all went to hell.
Blissfully ignorant. I was loved and adored.
Lots of family fights. Other than that, pretty traditional.
Happy, pampered, and sheltered.
Lovely. I came from a wealthy, respectable family who saw to it I got a proper education.
Kind of rough. Really, I beat the odds just by -surviving- childhood.
I didn't so much have a childhood as training sessions for life
I didn't see my parents much, but I was nurtured and taught well all the same.Miserable. No one liked me, not even my family. I was a complete an

6.) So... men.
They're good enough as friends, but they all have this annoying habit of trying to marry me.
There's only one for me.
It would've worked out perfectly if that ninny hadn't interfered
Doomed. All relationships are doomed. It's fate.
::indignant sniff:: I'd just as soon marry the stable boy.
Dead useful.
Erm not quite there yet, love.
I'm extremely wary... I've been backstabbed by them, yet I still fall for them over and over again
He and I were made for each other. No, literally.
Now that I've found my Beloved, I'll never be alone again.
Oh, yes! I've got one of those!
My life is a soap opera.
They can not be trusted.
They're oppressors of my sex, and I'm rather annoyed by them.
::grin:: Men are fabulous. I -love- men.
Every bad decision I ever made was because of a man.
Men. Women. Whatever.

7.) Do you have a special talent?
I'm quicker and stronger than I look.
Fighting. What? I happen to be very good at it!
Causing trouble seems to be my greatest skill.
A golden voice and an irresistible aura.
Prophecy. Not that it matters.
Err... maybe! Mostly I just charge in and hope for the best!
I'm nearly impossible to kill, and I have healing powers.
The Sight, and other magical endowments.
I'm a commander. I inspire people to follow me.
Pyrotechnics. ::grin::
Domestic skills. Well, if you count mixing drinks.
...People like me.
I fly very well, and I can memorize like nobody's business.
I seem to charm people in the most inexplicable ways.
I'm a crack shot with a rifle.
I sing and act. And I'm very clever.
Of course. Lots of them.
I've gotten quite skilled as a mage and healer, now that you mention it.
Just call me a jack of all trades

8.) You've just been threatened. Choose your weapon.
::brandishes a fist:: All I need is what God gave me.
My defences just sort of... happen. I don't plan them.
I cast a shield while trying to figure out how to go on the counter-offensive.
Bow and arrow. Sword. Or, you know, fireballs.
My intelligence. Accompanied by a revolver.
A staff.
Two-handed sword. Maybe a dagger if I need it.
I've got a magnificent broadsword.
Whatever I can get my hands on at the moment.
I have my wit. And I can use a pistol in a pinch.
Energy weapons!
Bow and arrow or a dagger.
My wand, of course.
I rely on my deity of choice to protect me.
I never got to use weapons. I would probably just have to throw my shoe at someone
Just a small dagger will do.
Threatened? They'd have to get past my armies first.
Rifle, shotgun.
Revolver, machete, bo staff, rifle, pistol, katana, daggers, throwing knives, not to mention my limbs... what? What?

9.) Your favourite word or phrase?
-Sorry, but no-
-Bloody hell-
-Because I said so, that's why. -
-Blast it to hell!-
-I told you so.-
-You bastards!-
-Fie me!-
-Whatever you say-
-Not on my watch-
-It isn't my fault!-
-That was an order, not a suggestion--
-I have to.-
-As She wills-
-You can't make me!-
...I have to pick -one-?

10.) Pick a song lyric:
-Everything worth living for is there, in his eyes!-
-Give me, give me wild west; give me, give me safe sex-
-Don't give a damn about my bad reputation-
-And we slowly learn, someone has to burn-
-Don't forget, get the moonlight out of your hair-
-It's something unpredictable, but in the end it's right; I hope you had the time of your life-
-Friends of the friendless, seize the day!-
-I want adventure in the great wide somewhere-
-Damned we may be, but we are not alone!-
-It's just because the girl has got a lad on every ship-
-And he made me feel excited - well, excited and scared!-
-For the life of me, I can not believe we'd ever die for these sins-
-Now is the time to seize the day! Don't be afraid and don't delay!-
-Fifteen, there's still time for you-
-But I have a talent, a wonderful thing; everyone listens when I start to sing!-
-Nobody knows, not even you, no one knows who I am-
-No regrets or promises, the past is gone, but you can still be free-
-There's no way to explain all the pleasure is worth all the pain-
-Far away, long ago, glowing dim as an ember-

11.) So what are your friends like?
We're an odd lot, I'll give you that.
I'm too afraid to let people get that close to me.
I only have a couple real friends... but they are true and committed to me.
Well, they seem to acknowledge me as leader, for some reason.
We're a loyal, close-knit bunch. We'd die for each other, I know it.
They're all either friends from work or friends of my significant other.
Lots of them! And they're all fabulous!
We're likeminded and have the same goals.
I never really had time for friends. I'm sort of a loner. Not really by choice.
Err... yeah, you go right ahead and think I have them.
Few and faithful.
My female friends are like my sisters. But I don't do so well with men
They keep me occupied, I suppose. We have fun.
Most people prefer to keep their distance from me
I was never too good with social skills
Every time I make one, something goes terribly wrong but I keep making them, just the same.
Not so many close friends lots of acquaintances.
Oh, the usual bunch of freaks and geeks.
I don't have friends so much as admirers.

12.) Quick! There's a war on! What do you do?
Sit at home and wait for news.
I will do my duty to my country and my people.
Try to ignore it. I don't have time for this.
Is it a rebellion? I'm probably leading it
Espionage. ::grins:: I can be very... persuasive.
Grab a gun and start shooting.
Oh, bloody hell, do I really have to get in the middle of this?
Join the ranks of the fighters, of course.
Lead everyone. Duh.
Tell the men what to do, and get completely ignored.
Try to manipulate everything from behind the scenes.
Become terribly embittered when my family and home are lost in the midst of it all.
Try to disappear amid the infantry, but invariably get promoted to a high rank against my will.
I probably started it. Yes, single-handedly.
Fight like a hellcat even if they won't let me join the army officially.
Get horribly tangled in the politics behind it.
Try to rally support for the fighters back on the homefront.
I am a valuable but enigmatic resource to my side.
Make myself useful in some way, maybe as a nurse or messenger.
Serve as the ideological figurehead.

13.) Alright, it's over. Did you win or lose?
Lost. Miserably.
Lost, crushed, decimated... our way of life will never be the same. Bastards.
We won, but it was a long and tough battle.
I sacrificed myself so that my side could win.
Oh, our war never really ends. We just sort of keep fighting eternally. It certainly won't end in my lifetime, at least.
Won! Ha! So there! ::thumbs nose at opponents::
We won... it would've been dreadful if we hadn't!
My side won, but I rather lost.
I don't know; I don't live long enough to find out.
We lost, and I had to run for my life.
I am both a tragic and unrecognized martyr. But I got a beautifully symbolic death.
We lost, and it was terrible for everyone involved.
Oh, we won, but to me it was more a personal vendetta than a war-country-thing.
The battle never ends, really... it just changes.
We won, not that it makes a lot of difference to me.
We won, of course, and anyone who expected less of me needs to be beaten about the head with a blunt instrument.
There weren't really any winners or losers... it was rather bad for both sides.
We won, but you'd hardly know it, there are so many side skirmishes still going on.
I told you, I don't have time for this.

14.) Okay, then. What now?
I don't know what to do with myself. I've never known anything but war, and I know no other way to function.
Probably get tangled up in another adventure.
I'm going to escape the post-war politics, hide in a small town, and try to raise my children in peace.
Keep trying, I guess.
Huzzah! Now I can get about the business of running this place properly.
Oh, good. I'm glad we won... I can die peacefully now...
Hope that the people I left behind can carry on my work.
Enslavement, rape, death... y'know, the things that usually happen to the losers.
Recuperate just in time for the next battle.
I suppose I'll have to start over... a fugitive.
Well, I'll go on with what I was doing before that blasted thing interrupted me.
La! Some peace at last! Nice to have the good life back.
It takes a while for me to adjust to a normal life, but when I do, I'm happy.
Hope there are enough of us left for another try.
I'm going to go make a new life for myself... someplace where I can forget about all the bad things that happened.
Hide, I suppose.
Alright! Career time!
I'm going to go on doing what I was doing before - the war didn't affect me much.
Ha. A grave.
I'm going off to sulk somewhere...

15.) What are your thoughts on nationality?
::shrugs:: Don't care much, to be honest.
I'm tied more to a group of people than to a country.
I fight for what the spirit of the country means, not this travesty that the country has become.
I haven't had much cause to think about it very deeply.
I didn't think about it much until we were threatened then I learned to value what I had.
My nation is my blood. I am bound to it.
I haven't had a real home in years. I'm not really tied to any one place.
I am proud to be what I am... even if it's not that great.
Other countries may have more power, but none have the beauty of mine.
I'm fiercely loyal to my country, mostly because my people have faced so much oppression from conquerors.
The country itself doesn't matter... its citizens are what I strive to save.
Meh. I didn't really spend enough time in my native country to care overmuch about it.
The success of my nation is the source of all my pride and esteem.
Internal strife makes it hard to care about one's nation so much so I am loyal instead to my people.
I am this nationality because I had to be for my fate to be carried out. Beyond that, I'm not terribly fussed about it.
I fight for my country because I believe in it.
I'm torn between two lands - that happen to be at war.
I am what I am. No changing that, so why worry?
I fight to save my nation from invaders, lest they destroy everything that is important to my people.

16.) Where do you (or where would you like to) live?
A mansion set off from the rest of the world.
A tiny apartment in the middle of an enormous city.
A private deluxe apartment in a relatively small city.
Just a functional house will do for a home base... I want to spend my time traveling!
The place doesn't matter... so long as I'm with my loved ones, I'm happy.
A nice little cottage tucked away in the woods.
My home has been in my family for generations - big, old, and boring.
Someplace no one's going to interfere with what I want to do.
A grand old castle that's been standing for centuries.
Just someplace that isn't besieged would be nice...
An ancestral manor home.
A small house on a beautiful island, with few people on it and no tourists.
Just your average house in some small, quaint town.
I'm rather itinerant, actually. No real one place to call home.
A bed-and-breakfast in the country.
I'd like to share an apartment or house with a few of my best friends.
A small village where everyone knows each other.
Some small but nice townhouse in a city.
A palace, grand and opulent, with all the luxuries I deserve.

17.) Randomness. Pick one.
Shot glass

18.) How's your love life?
Really symbolic, not to mention religiously significant.
I can't worry about that right now. Boys are a distraction from school and sports!
They were both my salvation... and association with me only hurt both of them.
Complicated. Very, very complicated.
One the one hand, there's the man who's perfect for me... on the other, the obsessive man who will kill to have me...
I fall for all the wrong people. No, literally. Every single wrong person possible.
It was nice while it lasted...
Honestly, the way I behave, it's amazing anyone fell for me. We must deserve each other.
It was a struggle to get to this point, but now we're blissful.
I stave off love for a while, before giving in and immediately getting into trouble with it.
Well, we both died for it, what does that tell you?
I've met my perfect match, and we work quite well together.
Don't get me started. Do you have any idea how many times I've been screwed over? Bastards.
We give each other strength.
Ha! Love is for the weak.
...rather abusive, actually.
Unconventional but easy.
Very dark for a very long time.

19.) Who would you say has been the biggest influence on your life?
Two men - the one who seduced me and the one who saved me.
She's both my mentor and my friend. We are part of each other, and she is responsible for much of who I am.
In all honestly? My mother. She's a very quietly dominating figure.
It wasn't a person, it was an event that changed me.
In my culture, it truly does take a village to raise a child. I couldn't pick out a singular influence.
My brother. He practically raised me, after all.
No one influences me. I am a complete entity unto myself.
My first love. He really did define the rest of my life.
My father. He taught me about my heritage, and how important it is to live up to the family name.
My mum. She's totally my role model.
Lady Fate. She spins the wheel, she controls us all.
My best friend. We've both influenced each other so much. I'm who I am today because of her influence.
My lover -- he sort of reformed me.
No single person, but the collective group - my circumstances shaped me.
A mentor - he was such a comfort and help to me when I was younger.
The Queen. She's changed everything.
My best friend - she helped me through a really tough time.
The... well, what do I call him? The man who's been with me half my life, for good or ill.
My mentor. She taught me absolutely everything.

20.) The Infamous Party Question: Where are you, what (or who) are you doing?
Getting into a drinking contest. And winning.
Dancing. With someone, by myself, doesn't matter. As long as I'm moving.
Ha. I'm back home reading a book.
Having a very deep and intense conversation with a small group of people.
Bouncing off the walls after drinking every caffeinated beverage I can get my hands on. Energy!!
Looking cute. I probably spend half the night in the bathroom, gossiping with my girl friends.
Four words: quickie in the closet.
Arm in arm with my best girl friends, probably causing trouble, spiking the punch bowl, maybe.
Making sure all attention is on me. So long as I want it there, of course. As soon as I'm bored of it, everyone had better leave me be.
Trying not to draw attention to myself. I prefer to observe.
Ditzing around. Probably someone's trying to flirt with me, but I don't notice.
Kicking back, letting my admirers shower me with attention.
Flirting shamelessly. I probably wind up the subject of a fight.
Probably getting into a fight with someone.
Entertaining a group of people, maybe by telling a story or singing.
Playing hostess, making sure everyone's got something to drink or eat.
Depends on how much I've had to drink... only a little? Flirting and dancing. A lot? Making out and table-dancing.
Sulking in the corner.
Trying to find my main group of friends to hang out with.

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