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» Quiz: which anime charecter are you. . .
which anime charecter are you. . .
created by kenechi

1.) wich weapon would you most prefer
my strenth
My sword. . .or my nine inch nails
my flame thrower. . .toasty
my piece. . .(and I am not talking about a cigarette)
what weapon I dont fight. . .my slave does all the fighting

2.) someone challenges you to a fight what do you do
I willingly accept. . .they are worth a load of cash
I call over my slave to kill his ass
accept (need the excercise)
slash em to 10000000 pieces

3.) some guy call you a nasty name, what do you do
growl at him
ignore the bastard
bring up another subject
beat his brains out

4.) you have a big crush on someone, how do you show it/ how do you act around them
end up killin um eventually but be nice to um untill than
yell at them alot and try to befriend them
become a really good friend with the person
My one true love is gone, i don't get crushes

5.) whre do you want to live
I move around alot, can't kill to many people in one place
achient. . .somewhere in japan
japan, were else!

6.) what do you wear
a flashy school uniform
my school cothes/uniform or what ever I can get into
the regular, you know. . .a blue suit, dress shoes
something confortible and than my signature outfit

7.) how do you style your hair
I don't I just wake up and go
my own wierd little way

8.) what is your main mission in life
to suck your blood
to kill my arch enemy and get really rich
to the strongest person alive
to get alot of jewal shards

9.) which word is the most appealing
more blood

10.) liest appealing word

11.) what color do you want your hair to be
green, purple,or orange
what hair
brown, or silver
white, black, or purple
what kind of question is that

12.) how old are you
to old for you mortals to comprehend
to old
mid teens
I may look like I am 18, but that was like 100 years ago

13.) how many friends do you have
what friends
they are not my friends!!
sadly allbut 1 remains living
I have lots of friends
just a small group

14.) what is your favorite color
blood red
all colors
don't really care
are you serious

15.) last question do you like to swear
hell yeah
i'm to young

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