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Quiz TitleAuthorHOTHitsRatingDate
How emo are you?silentscreams195461877795.295/31/04
Which Dead Rock Star Are You?realmenweartiaras11241393495.9411/5/04
Which R&B Diva Are you?cool_cute_girl7093153754.948/13/04
Which member of the Libertines are you?babyshambles573674978.4110/15/04
Which member of SLipKnoT are you?darkalien3175176165797.9411/27/04
What's your theme song?TAINTEDSOULisBACK4746861123.5312/5/04
Which Rammstein song are you?Breaking the Habit428884316.325/28/04
Who Are You In Avenged Sevenfold?Lost_In_Darkness4196196667.888/22/04
which gackt are you?Moebius418469286.5912/18/03
What Hardcore band are you? (revised)The Count4151977525.044/23/04
What Linkin Park song are you?Blood_Drench4133269888.027/4/04
What DEATH METAL Band Are You?judas405971975.0211/12/04
Which British alternative band are you?angry_little_princess39364174812/4/04
Which Depeche Mode album are you?sideshowdisco381280028.737/4/04
what nightwish song are youseductive_evil354938985.839/15/04
How much do you know about Kurt Cobain of Nirvana?All Things End27341360268.2810/2/04
You wanna' know which Punk/Hardcore band you are?TheShareef319747705.288/10/04
what genre of music are you?Nyx3074226415.787/14/04
WHAT ROCK BAND R U?? (COOL PICS)nirvana_12868204775.4112/11/04
What Kind of Music Are You? :::pics:::neversaydie2732939995.1512/5/04
What Rob Zombie song are you???Cute_but_Psycho270229777.1111/26/04
What Marilyn Manson Band Member Are You?MaRiLyNmAnSoNfAn13262385377.5110/7/04
What does your music taste say about you?taintedsoul2523122955.748/25/04
What famous artist r u?tubaplayer245666334.446/16/04
what underground scene stereotype are you?dieing_faith_in_silence2420147467.6512/27/04
Which Rock Star Are YouAxl Rose Rocks2395159633.927/27/04
Which Breaking Benjamin Song Are You?BrEaKiNg_bEnJaMiN_LuVeR237426897.721/8/05
Insane clown posse quiz, Juggalo or Poser?Tha_Joker229958768.1811/3/04
Do You Deserve Me?neurotic_shadow666212425726.3310/14/04
Which Good Charlotte song are you?poison_tears2103125417.242/24/04
Which Marilyn Manson Single Are You?AntichristGhoul6662071215727.618/3/04
Which Evanescence song are you? (with pics)Exodus_Imaginary_Light206031137.2312/30/04
Which one of my favorite bands are you?fadedscars198062627.228/9/04
What Slipknot song are you?BloodyIcrecream195728938.3710/23/04
What Iced Earth album best fits u?tubaplayer1940234277/13/04
what blink182 song r u?benjis_bride1899156736.239/5/04
Which Pop Diva are you?Usanavy03185126125.510/7/04
Which Member of Slayer Are You?666Slayer666164036987.977/3/04
What teen celebrity are you?msvolcombrat1574777524.5612/12/04
Think You Know Marilyn Manson?AntichristGhoul666154283947.599/26/04
Which Rock Frontman are You?che_lives20151545505.189/26/04
Which guitarist would you be? (Fucking kick ass pix!!!)reapernoctem6661429269313.718/10/04
Whats your "true theme song" ~PICTURES~XxsadeyedangelxX139759486.381/28/05
What Enya song are you?~Lady Lancelot~137518215.727/12/04
What My Chemical Romance Band Member Are YOU!marilynmanson52000136919073.62/28/05
What 80's Metal Band are you? (with pics)suck-a-fetus134143577.151/22/05
which Twiztid member are you?genocide_the_clown1135423866/27/04
What Pink Floyd Song Are You?jeune x convoitise112135513.947/15/04
Lez see how PUNK ROCK u REALLY areLothiriel111128516.7212/12/04
Another hard psychopathic quiz for the TRUE juggalos and juggalettes.shaggette2dope4209781125none1/6/05
which rapper will you marry?EminemChick88016983.838/6/04
-What Band are you!?drummergrl_907861022103.746/28/04
What metallica album are you?capt. howdy77412885.848/6/04
Poseur or PunkAnti-Flag772305506.367/9/04
Which KoRn member are you? (kick ass pix pplz!!!)reapernoctem66676934756.568/12/04
THE ULTIMATE ROCK QUIZ! Very AccurateBlack_Sheep76410857.771/8/05
Which Guitar Player Are You?sahrenos76412516.372/3/05
what kind of j-rocker are you?Moebius72945085.8511/20/03
You Think You No Benji Madden lets See if you no him more then I do?Benjis_Punkette72315535.619/23/04
What All-American reject Song Are You?aar_rocks72212276.228/12/04
which of the guys from blink182 are you most like?(nice pics)kidviciousismyman710189177.546/29/04
Which guitar are youDANarchy69355256.2312/18/04
Are you a Joey Jordison fan?SlipknotsDarkSoul66666413808.771/1/05
Which Linkin Park member are you?Lost_In_Darkness65732754.925/4/04
Which Good Charlotte Member Will You Marry?GoodCharlotteBabe0565264298.1211/20/04
What Lacuna Coil Comalies Song Are You??Angels_Punishment63020187.117/10/04
What AFI member are you? Or are you just a fan?Jaden_Imbroglio618149217.096/5/04
Which Slipknot Single Are You?AntichristGhoul666609163317.578/3/04
Are you worthy of reppin the hatchet???echo_side_juggalette607808211/25/04
Hardest Psychopathic Quiz EVER!Mr. Deadfolx59844377.238/12/04
What shitty 80's hair band are you?i fuck alf59646974.226/9/04
What Female singer are you?PartnazNKrime59695944.871/12/05
What bass player are you? (pix pplz, 20 diff. outcomes)reapernoctem66658861585.678/12/04
What Film Genre Are You???Rebecca_the_Red583100226.1512/1/03
What is your band? (KICK ASS PICS!)disposile_heart583149614.9712/25/04
What instrument are you?The Count571460754.844/25/04
What pro guitarist are you?diemuthafucker566146335.267/12/04
which rock band do u belong in???idiotx2555181584.716/28/04
Which NSYNC Member are You Most Like?RisingSadness53874009/13/04
Which Rock Instrument Are You?cali_drummer53134716.526/21/04
Which Cure Album Are You? Part OneCrazy Larry53028716.896/2/04
Which Beyonce song are you?cool_cute_girl52278386.048/12/04
Who Are You In LINKIN PARK?Lost_In_Darkness519156277.925/6/04
which from first to last member are you?omgxashley514127806.6112/4/04
What instrument should you play in your band (metal)? :::pics:::neversaydie50042295.881/31/05
What Avril Lavigne song are you?reesiekukkie49967175.9712/18/03
Which Band are youEmo_Death_Wish498155954.414/13/04
Do you have what it takes to be a rock star?Lamia490593872/29/04
What kinda Chick are you ??(oviously for girls)totally_wild144869672.512/18/04
What Band Are You? (Good Bands)A7XXX479263324.6511/25/04
what kind of music are u born to listen towicked_lee47093305.828/12/04
Goth/NuMetal/Punk Poser?DisturbedChild466139786.155/29/04
Which ICP Artist are you most like?juggalo_4_life463111115.735/19/04
What Yellowcard Song Are You?esaeler45571375.486/5/04
What rock Vixen r u?Misha_8245554652.7010/19/04
Whos your punk BF?Punk Rocker454334724.3610/16/04
Are you major SlipKnot or are you all fake?BITCH184495908.51/14/05
What kind of music do you really like?Dark Soul42960933.377/26/04
which ANNE member do you want?psychotommy4005276.662/12/05
Which Cure Album Are You? Part TwoCrazy Larry39920357.256/2/04
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