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» Quiz: Where am I going when I die?
Where am I going when I die?
created by hoodwinkfanbase

Threw 10 simple questions scientifically find out where you will go when you die!

1.) While walking down the street you find a wallet full of money. What do you do? Keep in mind, It's full of hundreds and stuff.
Take it to the police and have it's owner found.
Take out the money and then return it.
Cool! Now I have money and a new wallet!
Donate the money to charity and then return the wallet.
Pee on it.

2.) While driving in your car an elderly lady falls in front of your car (about 2 blocks in front of you),what do you do?
Pull the car over and run to see If she's alright.
Look confused and go around her (If your chinese just check yes).
Pull up next to her slowly and ask If she needs help.
Drive past her and yell Are you O.K?
Hit the bitch! I'm in a hurry to spend this money I found in this cool wallet.
I don't know what I would do, but I do know this, It would end with bloody.

3.) While walking behind a blind man you notice he dropped a 50 dollar bill, so you....
Tap him on the shoulder and say pardon me sure but you dropped 50 dollars.
Say Hey blind guy, you dropped this money .
Grab the money. Boy is this my lucky day. My new wallet is certainly getting fat.
Bite him. And maybe kick him a little. Then give him his 50 bucks back for being such a good sport.

4.) While frolicing down the street one day a homeless man asks Do you have any change? What do you do.
Give him a dollar.
Give him fifty cents.
Pretend you don't hear him.
Say yes I have plenty of change, thanks for asking you homeless piece of shit.
Toss him a few pennies.

5.) An old man asks for your help crossing the street, you....
Say no problem sir, and may I just add what a nice hat you are wearing.
Say Sure Dude.
Say I guess
Say No halbo english
Say GOD! You're a needy old fucker aren't you. And this is of course followed by kicking him to the ground and pouncing him.

6.) While strolling threw your town you see a priest, you say....
God be with you father.
Say how are the sisters doing today father?
Say What would jesus do.......for a klondike bar?
Flip him the bird and yell stay away from my son!
Both answers 3 and 4.

7.) Do you steal?
I am confused by the question (once again, If you're chinese just check this one).
Plead the fifth.

8.) Your favorite food is....
Bean sprouts or tofu

9.) Do you lie?

10.) While in a swimming pool you suddenly get the urge to pee, you.....
Excuse yourself from the pool and use the washroom.
Walk over to someone you dislike and then pee.
Say Well hell I already crapped I might as well pee too.

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