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» Quiz: What are You in the Religious World?
What are You in the Religious World?
created by Tabryd

What part do you play in this religious world? Let's find out.

1.) Do you have a religion?
No, I don't know if I should believe in something that might not be real.
Hmm, well, there always IS that thing that looks down inside of me when I do something bad...I don't know.
Yes, but many people find it offensive or wrong.
Lordy, lordy, yes indeed! The Great Lord, oh how I believe!

2.) Do you go to your religous gatherings periodically? As in church.
Haven't been there for....I've lost count!
Oh YES! The Good Lord knows me!
Yes, I go as often as I can.
Yes, I go to...Rituals and Sacrifices.
Why should I???

3.) Do you even believe in a higher power aka God?
No. It's just this life then kapoot. Or something like that, I don't know.
I still question it.
If god means Devil, yes.
Oh yes! I luff Jesus, Virgin Mary, God, Moses...::goes on and on with holy names::

4.) Explain Adultry.
That's where you cheat on your :lover: aka special someone, fiancee, etc. I'm against that.
A great way to meet people!

5.) What if I tell you: God/Mary/Joseph had a little triange going on. I mean, Joseph&Mary couldn't GO THERE, along comes God and somehow Mary's pregnant. I thought Joseph and Mary were married. Can you say ADULTRY?
Hey, you're right!
Oh lordy, no you didn't. No you DIDN'T! Oh I swear, I swear...::rants on about your lord, how you're going to kill me, blah blah blah::
Ahaha! God's getting jiggy wit it! Ahahah!
So true. Hmm, I have to see into this!

6.) What would YOU label yourself from your personal points of view?
Atheist: I don't believe in anything.
Believer!!! I believe in the Good Lord! And ALL you who QUESTION the Good Lord will be STRUCK DOWN! DOWN INTO HELL!
Church-goer: You believe in a respected faith.
Satanist: You worship the Devil.
Threat to all: You question every religion relentlessly.

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