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» Quiz: Are You Fit For Satan?
Are You Fit For Satan?
created by AntichristGhoul666

Find out if you're fit for Satan, or doomed to Christianity.

1.) What is your opinion on people in general?
They're annoying and pesky.
I don't understand them.
They are all stupid and ignorant.
I'm a higher being.
I love all people.
Everyone makes mistakes. It doesn't make people stupid or anything.
If you follow God's law, any person can be saved.

2.) Is there a God?
God is simply a concept, as is Satan.
Oh of course. He is the lord almighty.
Yes, and he is my saviour!
Ha. Don't insult me.
You're insane if you think there is one.

3.) Are the seven sins truely wrong?
To a point they are not.
Of course!
If God says they are wrong, they are wrong.
I see no problem with them.
Of course not you idiot!

4.) What is your opinion on homosexuality?
I see no problem with it.
I don't have a problem with it, but I think it's annoying when people obsess over metrosexuality and appreciating gays.
God says it is wrong, so it is wrong.
I think it's wrong, but you still must love everyone, and that includes gays!

5.) What do you think of the Ku Klux Klan?
Though I don't approve of all of their methods, they are simply fighting for Christ.
They are stupid fuckers.
Killing is wrong, whether it's for Jesus or not.
What happened to Thou Shalt Not Kill?
They are fighting for Jesus, of course I dislike them!
No one ever has the right to take the life of another, but these guys are fighting for Jesus here...pretty stupid.

6.) What religion would you consider yourself?
LaVeyan Satanist.
Theistic Satanist.
Antichrist and Atheist.
Antichrist and LaVeyan Satanist.
Antichrist and Theistic Satanist.

7.) What do you think about Jesus?
He is my saviour!
He was just a stupid fuckup
He lied to the people. Some of his philosophies were smart, but that's beside the point.
Of course he's good.
I don't see how you could like him.
I don't see how you could dislike him.

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