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» Quiz: Can You Fit In My Standards of Worshipping Lucifer?
Can You Fit In My Standards of Worshipping Lucifer?
created by Christ_Decay

This quiz is mainly testing you on my concept of worshipping Lucifer.

1.) What is Lucifer to you?
The supreme being that is the God of the true religion.
A God that is there to guide me.
He is supposedly a supreme deity.
An Evil God.
The Father of all that is evil!!! Hail Satan!! oh wait... I mean Lucifer
The adversary of God, but once was a beautiful Angel.

2.) Does Lucifer have a sexual preference?
No, Lucifer is beyond sexuality.
I'm not quite sure. Lucifer could be either.
I've heard he was male, but I would like to find out if this is true.
He is definately Male.
He is Male!!!! Which means he is a sex god!!! Hail Satan!!! 666
As a Christian, We believe he can be either. Like a shapeshifter.
Satan is a female.

3.) Do you believe in the concepts of good and evil?
No, these concepts are man-made and should not be related to Lucifer or other demons.
No, I'd rather not put people in such a sterotypical category.
I question these concepts.
yes, these concepts are true concepts of human nature.
YES!! I am so evil!!!! Just for you!!!
Yes, and Satan is evil.
Yes, and Lucifer is Evil.
No, but I believe Lucifer is good.

4.) Is Lucifer a beast?
No, He is the most beautiful being in the astral planes and beyond.
No, He is not a beast, but Beauty.
I'm not sure, but I'm thinking he is not.
He is beautiful on the outside but beast on the inside.
He is a Beast!! A sexy and horrible beast!!! Hail Satan...damnit...I mean Lucifer!!!
He is a beast that can change form to deceive men.

5.) Is There any bloodshed or sacrificing?
No, the only blood spilt is when the initaition ritual is committed, after that it is blasphemy.
No, That is some sort of sin.
I'm not sure, but hopefully not.
I think so....At least that's what I've heard.
Yes!!!! Lots of Blood For Lucifer!!!! Ah!!!!! Kill!!!
Yes, Satan wants blood, lots of blood.

6.) Is Weakness Tolerated or Worshipped?
Neither, Weakness is not acceptable to Lucifer, you have to be strong minded and strong willed to worship him.
Neither, At least that is what I believe.
I'm not sure but I would like to find out.
I think tolerated.
Worshipped!!! Weakness is worshipped because I am weak!!!!
The weak worship Satan, so weakness is worshipped.

7.) Finally, What is the one thing we treasure other than Lucifer?
Our Mind, The power of the mind is next to Lucifer.
I'm not sure but I'm guessing, Blood.
other entities in Hell?

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