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» Quiz: What Pantheon Best Suits You?
What Pantheon Best Suits You?
created by MommyTyrant

In the pagan realm you hear Greek, Norse, Egyptian, and all that thrown around a lot. But what does it all mean??? And more importantly... what does it all mean for you?

1.) Pick an animal
Wolf, Horse, Raven
Crow or Bear
All of them, and they are here to serve me and be my food!
Hawk, Eagle, or Mythological Dragon

2.) Some of your past times include...
Sacrifice... Murder, Death, Kill...
Helping people, healing people, and trying to be a good person in general.
Mathematics or Logic
Geography, Geology, or Architechture.
Hunting, Hiking, and Outdoorsy kind of things.
Interacting with people (chatting, talking, or hanging out)
Starting Holy Wars and Burning People
Young Boys

3.) If you could do one great thing with your life, what would you do?
Save the world
Heal the sick
Rule the World
Promote understanding and Intellect
CONQUER the world. It's MINE you BASTARDS!
Did I mention that I like the taste of blood?

4.) If the woman you loved turned you down, and you HAD to have her... What would you do. (Ladies, think about the man you loved instead)
Disguise myself as someone else, trick her, and get her/him in the sack.
Nothing. This is life, I must live and let live.
Who needs her or him anyway? I have a house full of willing concubines!
Marry her sister/brother out of spite.
Love the one I'm with...
Go 'solo' for a while......

5.) What is the meaning of life?
Getting my way. MY way!!!!
Peace, Love, Harmony
It's survival of the fittest... I hope I make it
Growing, changing, and adjusting to that which the universe lays out for you.
Sun God, Sun God, He's a Really fun God! Ra Ra Ra!!!!
I live to serve you... Or Someone

6.) Where did we all come from?
Monkeys, Duh.
The lineage of the Gods. If we're lucky....
Some sort of creation thing...
Our mothers.
We were chosen...
I was chosen. I don't know about the rest of you!
It's a cosmic thing I really don't understand. But I am sure we are destined for Something!
Don't know.. don't care.

7.) Last one. Pick the climate...
Cold. DAMN cold!
Warm, sunny, and maybe a beach somewhere!
Eh.. It's alright.
Desert Sun baby! Mmmm Toasty!
It's pretty damn hot! But at least there's shade.
EVERYWHERE. All of them! I will take over the WORLD and my rule will be vast, mighty, and generally (not always) tyrannical! Muahahaha!

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