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» Quiz: Do you believe in, or are you more of a devil or a god
Do you believe in, or are you more of a devil or a god
created by slipknot chicky

Find out if ur a devil or a god. OR, it works the same way to find out if u believe in a devil or a god.

1.) If you strongly disliked someone, would you...
A) do your best to make their life a living hell
B) go about your life as you will, not wishing them the best in life, but ignoring all of your thoughts about hurting them
C) Meh, y should i get into trouble for it, ill get someone else to make their lives miserable.

2.) If you could choose to live in a squar or a circle house, would it be...
A) a circle house
B) a square house

3.) choose a direction...
A) up of course
B) down the elevator please :)

4.) choose a colour...
A) black or red
B) White or baby blue

5.) Jesus or Damian
A) Jesus
B) Damian

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