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» Quiz: Are You Straight Edge?
Are You Straight Edge?
created by souls of the forggoten

sXe.........sXe........sXe........sXe..........sXe...........sXe...........sXe.........sXe.........Straight Edge!

1.) Do you Drink alcoholic beverages?
Yes...But only when i need to be dropped down from a really bad moment in life...or if it was perscription.
NO!!!!!! I wouldn't even
Yes once or twice a week...maybe a little more...
Hell yeah, i either need it to stay happy or just because. I have a drink in my hand 18/6(you need some sleep and maybe sunday)

2.) Do you do drugs?
Yes, that's only beacaus eiget depressed though...sometimes it is for fun....
No, i would only do them if they were perscription.
Hell no. People that do drugs aren't my problem, but i would never do drugs even if doctors told me to.

3.) Do you have sex with random people or do it with gf/bf that you have only been with for a year?
Yes, It shows him/her that i love them, or vise versa.
No, i wait at least year and a half
No i wait for like 2 or 2 and a half years....no need to rush, i don't want any diseases or to get pregnant with someone i don't trust.
Every night! OMG i can't wait to see the next (gender).....i will totally screw them!
give me sex now!!!!!!!!

4.) WHen you go to a party or social gathering with alcoholic beverages what do you order?
Staright up beer!
vodka or a soda
Anything with out alcohol in it!
The srtongest thing they got!( hey dude come here and (sexual pleasure) while i get high AND drunk!)

5.) Do you know what straight edge is?
Hell yes...do they have a bible for straight edgers?
Yes or No....Who cares i love to have sex with random people! and other stuff.......

6.) sXe means?
straight edge
An under-cover way to spell sex......
Hey you mix those letters up and it could spell sex....yes i would like some right now!
it means sXe

7.) Do you consider your self Straight Edge?
Hell no! it's all about the party life!
Yes i am thinking of creating the bible for straight edgers!

8.) I forgot to put this as one of the choices.....
whats straight edge?

9.) Well goodbye...
screw me!
bite me

10.) bye

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