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» Quiz: Neo-Pagan Type Identifier
Neo-Pagan Type Identifier
created by svartulfr

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1.) How do you perceive Deity?
There is one creator/God/Goddess who is part of all things.
There are many Gods and Goddesses, their names vary based on cultural tradition.
There is both a god and goddess as a dualistic principle in all things.
There are no real gods or goddesses except as a creation of humanity.
Gods and Goddesses are that, which in nature is greater than ourselves.
None of the Above

2.) What form does deity take within the world?
Deity manifests as natural cycles and events, often on individual interests or whim.
Deity manifests itself as the collective spirit that moves within all things.
Deity exists as the natural world around us, and this is the only form it takes.
Deity describes the archetypal cycles of nature, form varies based on tradition.
There is no deity, only the physical world that we live within.
None of the Above.

3.) Where do you find your deities?
Deity dwells in the otherworld, in their individual halls and groves.
Deity is found in the natural world, at many levels of being.
There is nothing beyond our world, and there are no deities here.
Deity can be found within ourselves and all things, we are part of it as well.
Deity can be found in the otherworld and through its manifestation in this world.
None of the Above

4.) What happens after death?
Our bodies return to the earth, and we no longer exist except in memory.
Either reborn into the world, or to the otherworld as a final resting place.
We return to the earth, but our spirit lives on and may be reborn.
Dwell within the halls of our Gods/Goddesses or possibly are reborn as necessary.
After death, all living things are reborn into a new life.
None of the Above

5.) What is the negative or dark aspect of being?
Dark/Negative energy, thoughts, or beings
Wasting time with things that do not exist and not living life to the fullest.
Lack of spirituality, not honoring deity in our lives.
Lack of respect for the natural world, not honoring tradition in life.
Negative beings, harmful action or intent
None of the Above.

6.) What best describes your definition of religion?
There is no religion other than living in trust with the natural world
Belief in a higher level of existence and/or a supernatural world
Belief in a supernatural world, and deity as a higher being
Belief in Gods, goddesses and other spiritual beings.
Religion is the belief in things that probably do not really exist.
None of the Above.

7.) What best describes religious ritual, and why it is done?
Activities in life that are repeated on a regular basis.
To honor, deity, and the spiritual world around us in a traditional way.
To put your mind in a state where you can best contact deity and the spiritual world.
Connecting with our higher self to become one with the world around us.
To honor ourselves, deity, or spirit in the nature by living in the proper ways.
None of the Above.

8.) How do you understand Magic(k)?
As a way of life and the basis of all willful action within the world.
As part of the natural world, a way to interact with different levels of being.
As a way to fool people into believing something other that what really is.
As a set of formalities and a vehicle for the real spiritual work within.
As a natural characteristic of the world, with its basis in the otherworld.
None of the Above.

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