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» Quiz: What color witch are you?
What color witch are you?
created by Lorelei38

Are you "good" or "bad"?

1.) Again, the dreaded color question...
Lighter colors, shades of white, light blues, maybe a lighter purple color
Mostly neutral colors I guess
Black or red, mainly dark colors
umm... rainbow?

2.) What type of spells are your favorite?
Spells? You mean like witchcraft? That's evil...
Curses, to make those who get in my way pay!
Heheh, love spells?
Basically anything that will help others.

3.) Is your energy basically positive or negative?
Positive of course
Sometimes it's kinda negative...
Food gives me energy... i think.....

4.) Pick an animal.
dog, horse, something beautiful and friendly
wolf, cat, tiger, something along those lines
snake, bat, spider, something that not many people appreciate the true beauty of

5.) What's your favorite time of day?
Whenever I'm not in school.
midnight, almost pure darkness

6.) Last question. What did you think of this quiz?
It was nice i guess...
It was ok...
It sucked!!!
-(already left because they figured out they were taking the wrong quiz)-

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