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» Quiz: Which Ellaran Element are you?
Which Ellaran Element are you?
created by LadyCassandra

Discover which of the Eight metaphysical Elements best represents you -- what forces of good or evil, of light or darkness, govern your soul?

1.) Let's get that dratted colour question out of the way, shall we?

2.) How would you describe yourself?
Prideful, loyal
Optimistic, cheerful
Practical, steady
Lonely, introspective
Forgiving, indecisive
Cynical, realistic
Intelligent, elegant
Rebellious, wild

3.) In your group of friends, you are the...
Little darling
Voice of doom

4.) The ever popular party question! What are you doing?
Sitting poised on a chair, having a deep discussion with my neighbor.
Sulking in a corner, commenting on how awful and shallow everyone else there is.
Telling stories to a group, making sure attention is on you.
Sitting at someone's feet, listening to a story being told.
I don't go to parties.
Bouncing about irrelevantly, talking to everyone.
Drinking, dancing on a table, stuff like that.
Making sure everyone's drinks are on coasters.

5.) How about school? Favourite subject?
Home ec
Math or science
Phys ed

6.) You're going out. Wear something.
Jeans and a t-shirt. Why bother worrying about something so trivial?
Whatever's comfortable, really. I don't worry about how I look.
A blouse and a long, flowy skirt.
Dark colours. I try to blend into the background.
Bright colours, revealing clothing. Anything to get attention!
A nice top and skirts or pressed khakis.
An outfit that's classy yet eye-catching.
Well, that depends on where I'm going, doesn't it?

7.) What's your strongest virtue?
Common sense
Leadership skills
A keen grasp on reality
A good attitude
Ability to accept change

8.) And your downfall?
Being wishy-washy and submissive.
Arrogance and pride
Being too stubborn
Being a bit of a stick in the mud
I'm misunderstood.
I get into a lot of trouble...

9.) What sorts of animals do you like?
Snakes, lizards, beetles.
Deer, squirrels, foxes.
Butterflies, kittens, dolphins.
Tigers, rhinos, crocodiles - exotic stuff.
Panthers, bats, creatures of the deep sea
Birds of all kinds.
Wolves, eagles, lions.
Fish, and the ever intriguing platypi

10.) How about mystical/mythical creatures?
the Phoenix
the Gryphon

11.) Pick a goal/ideal
Inspire and enlighten others
Travel, all the time. Never have to stay put.
Get married and raise a family.
Be a guide and mentor to others.
Never have a stressful day again.
Make everyone around me happy.
Become leader of the free world and then fix it.
Whatever. I'll do what I'm fated to.

12.) You've just been physically threatened. Quick! What do you do?
Scream. Loudly. Surely someone will come to my aid.
Run like a little girl.
Try to talk my attacker down and rationally get myself out of the situation. Failing that, run like a little girl.
I've got a concealed weapons permit for a reason, you know.
Grab the nearest blunt object and bash my attacker with it.
I don't think anyone would ever threaten me. I've got too intimidating a presence.
Charm my way out of the situation.
Whip out my cell phone and dial 911. Duh.

13.) What sort of weather do you like best?
Does it matter? Weather's so transient anyway.
A nice, gentle rain on a grey day.
Warm spring afternoons.
Cloudy, overcast days. Maybe with snow.
Thunderstorms, especially if they've got deafening thunder and blazing lightening.
Hot, humid summer days.
The cool breeze of an autumn evening.
Something middling. Neither warm nor chilly, sometime of the year when things are green.

14.) You see a lost kitten on the sidewalk. What do you do?
Play with it for a while and then forget about it. I'm sure it'll find its way home.
Check for tags or signs of ownership, then start knocking on doors to see if anyone's misplaced the little thing.
Ignore it. I'm sure whoever abandoned it had good reason, and I'm not about to bring that trouble on myself.
Take it home and put some FOUND posters up. Surely someone will come for it.
First, run it to the vet to make sure it isn't diseased, then start putting up FOUND posters.
Ohh! The poor thing! Pick it up and cuddle it and give it a bow and a cute name.
Try to ignore it. Walk a few steps. Look back it. Walk a few more steps. Look back at it. Walk a few more steps, then sigh and go and pick it up.
Adopt it. If I see any LOST posters, I'll return it, of course, but until then it will be my beloved kitty.

15.) Go somewhere.
Someplace exciting and modern. New York, maybe, or Sydney.
Someplace elegant, like Paris or Venice.
Transylvania or the Black Forest of Germany.
Someplace with lots of history - like Rome or Greece.
Disneyworld! So much fun!
The English countryside, maybe to a little bed and breakfast. Nice and cozy.
Somewhere? Everywhere! I want to see it all.
I hate travelling.

16.) Pick a song lyric.
-There's not a word yet / for old friends who've just met-
-Oh you know I love my folks / but I keep starin' down that road / just looking for my one chance to run-
-Look and see her / how she sparkles-
-It's the end of the world as we know it / and I feel fine-
-And I wish on all the rainbows / that I've seen / I wish on all the people who / really dream-
-White shores are calling / you and I will meet again-
-I don't know / how can Heaven love me?-
-If you win or you lose / it's a question of honour / and the way that you choose / is a question of honour-

17.) Last but not least, pick one:

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