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» Quiz: What is your Halloween Personality?
What is your Halloween Personality?
created by JackSkellington

Halloween...what does it mean to you and what does that say about you?

1.) Halloween is...
the Celtic New Year
an evil Holiday that promotes Satanism
another Holiday created to sell candy and costumes
my favorited day of the year!
a chance for me to dress up!

2.) In my spare time I enjoy listening to...
Barry Manilow and the Bee Gees
Mozart and Handel
religous hymns
my stomach growling
Snake River Conspiracy and NIN

3.) My favorite ghost is...
the Ghost of Christmas Past
the one who visits me every night
there are no such things as ghosts!

4.) The best thing about being a Vampire is...
being immortal
I get to sleep all day
all those lovely necks I get to bite
I don't have to try to get a tan or eat any garlic
I'm a Vampire? Oh God save me!!!

5.) I like to dress up as...
a baby in a diaper
a Wizard
a Nun
a disembodied soul
a knife-weilding serial killer

6.) When invited to the neighborhood costume party, I...
bring candy and punch to share
bring inspirational literature to share
bring fake blood to share
bring real blood to share
stay home and watch classic horror movies all night

7.) Midnight is...
when PM becomes AM
the Witching Hour
a good time to pray
when I usually have to get out of bed to use the bathroom
way past my bedtime

8.) When I think of clowns, I think of...
Not another lame clown act. Ugh!
inviting the clowns to Sunday School
the Greatest Show on Earth!
Where can I get some shoes like that?
knives, screaming, and lots of blood!

9.) A full moon means...
another example of God's great power
a night of heavy breathing and howling
a change in the Earth's tides
remembering how NASA faked the lunar landing
stay inside where it's safe

10.) The best thing to do with pumpkins is...
carve them into Jack-O-Lanterns
make pumpkin pie for the church social
grow them and sell them
wear them as death masks and scare some trick-or-treaters
I'm afraid to tell you what I do with them

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