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» Quiz: Should you be a VAMPIRE?
Should you be a VAMPIRE?
created by souls of the forggoten


1.) What do you like MOST:
good old (holy) water
Alcoholic beverages
Nothing except blood......Maybe some soda too

2.) Whats your favortie color
Black and Red Velvet or Vinyl with like a 19th century flair.....
Black and red
Hot pink, black, and a good old silver cross and chain....
um.....my birthday suit!

3.) what do you have to have with you at all hours of the day....day or night.....
My stake and holy water....You never know a fog might come out of no where.
Well.....i don't go out in day....so at night....my very beautiful girl/boy friend
my leather
My soda and boy/girl friend
im asleep at night in day well i don't get out much.....

4.) What is the biggest sin you have?
I have no soul.....
I have no soul and i make guys/girls lust after me
ummmm....that i masturbate non-stop
That i drink my own blood.......no one is willing
well i once mistook a human for a vampire.....he/she was also the love of my life....

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