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» Quiz: are u a satanic person??
are u a satanic person??
created by StitcheS

find out if ur a satinic person or not(i hope u r, cuz else....)

1.) what is/are ur fave colour(s)??
anything bright!!! i'm afraid of anything dark
what about... FUCK YOU!?!?!?
mostly dark colours... like (blood)red, black, purple etc.
i dunno... i'm clolourblind!!!!

2.) what do u think of jesus??
jesus is my saviour!!!!
who the fuck is jesus???
i dunno.. i don't think he ever existed
my brains are a bit fucked up now, so I DON'T THINK ANYTHING!!!!!!

3.) what of the folowing things do u like to say??
oh my god!
what?? where is this quiz about anyway?? can some1 tell me please?!?!?!
holy mother maria!
AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(in a bad and scary way)
don't know, don't care

4.) do u see urself as a...
satanic person?
the devil himself
god himself?
myself, DUH!!!!!!!!!!!!
a folower of god?
something in the middle?

5.) pick one of the folowing:
people equal shit, that's why i take them down to hell. i wanna see them suffer and torchure them!!!!!
if i would say that god sucks i will burn in hell for ever, help me mommy!!!!
I wanna kill u!!!!
why should i??
i believe in the strenght of people
screw you guys, i'm going home!!!

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