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» Quiz: Which doomsday cult do you belong in?
Which doomsday cult do you belong in?
created by beckisosmrt

1.) Which place is most appealing to you?
LA, California
outer space
South America

2.) Which describes you the best?
an alien
New Age Christian

3.) You would rather
kill many people quickly
kill a few people slowly
die fighting
kill yourself
kill yourself or be killed
kill someone and then yourself

4.) How will the world end?
very few people will survive WW3
a race war
the return of Christ
It won't, but we gotta get out of here or we'll be tortured!
nuclear war
environmental disaster

5.) Why did you join?
they said I could gain supernatural powers
for the drugs and the sex!
I wanted to be purified
for a trip on the UFO and a new life
to help the sick, homeless, and unemployed
a new life on a new planet

6.) How do you kill people/die?
We kill people by spreading gas in the air
We kill them because we love them...honest.
we die fighting!
we drank the poisoned grape kool-aid
we die by fire!!

7.) My leader is...
a time traveler
Christ and Satan combined!
very lucky...he had many wives
an alien, just like me!
well...from what I hear, he's very um...well-hung, if you know what I'm saying...
the father of a cosmic child

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