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» Quiz: What occult religion do you believe in?
What occult religion do you believe in?
created by Rushyo

What occult path do you follow? Or are you just a phony?

1.) A man in the street offers you money. What do you do?
Thank him and walk off
Thank him and bless him for his kind deed
Ask him what the money is actually worth
Snatch the money and run off
Take the money and walk off, thinking how pathetic that person is

2.) What kind of clothes do you wear?
Green, red and yellow all in one long Greek gown!
Black and red, baggy and quoting my favourite death metal bands!
Casual and loose fitting
Whatever is trendy
A dark robe to hide my face from others
The latest t-shirt from my punk band of the week!

3.) Do you download ripped music?
Yes, but if it is good I buy the albums.
Yes! Stupid companies ripping me off!
No. It's illegal.
Of course! It's illegal!
Yes! Mine all mine! Lots of free music!

4.) A girl comes up to you, obviously drunk, and asks to go back to your place. What do you do?
I will take her back to my cave where we can create magick together!
I kindly refuse her and offer to take care of her, despite the fact that may result in a slap.
I laugh at her. She isn't that pretty anyway.
I agree. Why not? She will be fun for one night!
Oh yeah! That's going to annoy the rents so much!

5.) Finally, you're offered a present for your birthday. Which do you pick?
A guitar signed by your favourite band from ebay
Gold! GOLD! Lots of it!
Whatever makes me happy!
Maybe if I ask for two things they won't notice!
Lots of useful tools they will never see me use.

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