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» Quiz: How well do you know Marilyn Manson?
How well do you know Marilyn Manson?
created by freaks_stand_alone13

Take this quiz to see what you know and how much you know about Marilyn Manson?

1.) Marilyn Manson's real name is...
Brian Warner
Greg Smith
Marilyn Manson

2.) Which of the following show did Marilyn Manson say he used to play in
Wonder Years
Happy Days

3.) Which verse below is in his song Personal Jesus
Sweet dreams are made of these
And he rose to show me what black is
Pick up your reciever I'll make you a believer

4.) Which album does Sweet Dreams appear
Self-Titled Marilyn Manson
Holy Wood
Smells Like Children

5.) Where did Marilyn Manson get his name from?
Charles Manson
Marilyn Monroe
It's always been Marilyn Manson he never changed it

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