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» Quiz: Do You Know Your Shinto Myth?
Do You Know Your Shinto Myth?
created by NihonNight

Test yourseld to see if you know the ins and outs of the shinto!

1.) When the world was created, who were the Adam and Eve of the Shinto?
Izanagi and Izanani
Amaterasu and Susano

2.) According to legend, the principle islands of Japan came from:
Izanani's womb.
The drops of water from the Jeweled Spear of Heaven.

3.) As the story goes, who/what was Izanagi's and Izanani's FIRST child?
Hiroku: The Leech Child
The other islands of Japan.

4.) What went wrong with the marriage ceremony or Izanagi and Izanani?
Izanani spoke before Izanagi
Izanani walked around the pillar the wrong direction.

5.) Who came first, Kagutsuchi the fire god or Amaterasu the sun goddess?

6.) Why did Izanani die and go to Yomi?
Izanagi killed her for birthing an ugly and lame child.
She was burned to death by her own child.

7.) As Izanagi was fleeing the Shikome, he tossed his many-toothed comb onto the ground which became:
Spears to kill the Shikome.
Bamboo shoots for the Shikome to eat.

8.) When bathing himself in the river, Izanagi had three children that emerged from his:

9.) Amaterasu, the Sun Goddess came from Izanagi's eye. This opposing male deity of the moon came from his other eye:

10.) This is the goddess of persuasion... or just the whore goddess.

11.) Most of the Gods weilded these weapons:
Ten-span swords

12.) Which God caused the flight of Amaterasu and the loss of daylight?

13.) Finally, what does SHINTO mean?
The Way of Enlightenment
The Way of the Gods

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