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» Quiz: Whats your real religion
Whats your real religion
created by x19dleiafteh90x

Want to get your "religion" fixin'? Check it out!

1.) Who/what do you find yourself folllowing?
God, my one and only savior!
Satan, but not described as the one the Christian Church veiws him as
No one! Im myself, theres no higher power, we live for today and today only!
Whoever the preists who raped those kids were, theyre awesome!

2.) What december/ winter holiday do you celebrate the most?
None, becuase theyre religous and i dont follow religion
None, just becuase theres not one that I could follow/ celebrate.
Hanukkah (if i spelt this wrong...tell me lol)

3.) How often do you go to a spirtual worship location
Once in a while....
My mom makes me!
...........no comment......

4.) What is your uidea of a perfect world?
Theres nothing called a perfect world. The world is the way it is becuase of our choices. Theres no way to change it for change is the only constant.
Everyone living in perfect peace with no sinners!!! (nassssssty ssssinnersss)
Not sure...
Those darn palistanians are dead!
No comment once again.....

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