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» Quiz: Which Chaos God should you align with?
Which Chaos God should you align with?
created by Dark Angel

Basisally, find out what name you should shout while slaughtering non-believers. Simple.

1.) Which colour combo most appeals to you? Overused, but there you go.
Blood red/Bronze
I'm indecisive and can't choose!

2.) Which weapon would you use in a fight?
A magic sword which mutates youd enemies into mindless monsters.
A bloody great heavy axe.
An evil-looking, bloodstained and notched sythe.
A bladed black leather whip.
Whatever, a sword or something, my hands? I don't know.

3.) War. Tactics. What do you do?
Strategically place troops while blasting them with potent magic.
Charge in while screaming defiance and hacking people apart with aforesaid huge axe.
Spred disease and corruption among the enemy ranks to sap their morale.
Fight without fear of pain. All sensations are great, be it painful or pleasurable.
Consult your resident sorcerer on his/her opinion then do what you think best, ignoring them and placing them somewhere they are likely to be decapita

4.) How would you celebrate victory?
Gather your generals and offer thanks for their magical assistance.
Place a throne upun the hewn heads of your dead enemies and friends.( If you have any, I don't know.)
Find all your friends dead bodies and order your troops to carry them, in order to spred disease.
Have a massive orgy in lieu of an offering to your God.
Praise all the Gods, then sweep the battlefield in case you left any enemies alive.
All of the above.

5.) When you have won your God's favour, which 'gift' would you recieve?
Bird's beaks, wings and random tentacles and mutations
Greater size and strength. The better to kill!
More knowledge of diseases and how to make and spread them.
Serpents body, greater attractiveness. Make your minions love you.
Goats legs, horns tougher skin and greater respect.

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