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» Quiz: Who would you be in the War of Armageddon?
Who would you be in the War of Armageddon?
created by electrofreak2006

Ever wonder where you'd be if you were caught in the middle of the War Of Armageddon? Find out here!

1.) Which color most appeals to you?
All colors imaginable.
None of the colors here.

2.) You're caught by an individual after an act of murder. What do you do?
I would never, ever commit a murder under any circumstances so this question does not apply to me.
Manipulate the individual into keeping their mouth shut until they could safely be silenced and eliminated.
Destroy the individual immediately to cover my tracks.
Immediately repent for my actions and apologize to the individual for having to witness such an act.

3.) Which do you find most appealing?
Defending those too weak to defend themselves mentally or physically.
Reckless destruction of anything in my path. Fun!
Spreading knowledge that can aid mankind.

4.) How good and pure do you view yourself?
I have fewer flaws than anyone I know. I'm a very, very good person.
I have flaws but I attempt to do good whenever possible.
I was not made perfect but I recognize that and I strive for perfection.
I'm a sinner. I have many flaws.
I'm destructive and evil. That's that.

5.) You find yourself in an argument that could very easily end in conflict. How do you deal with the situation?
Argue my point as strongly as I know how. If things could get ugly I would probably contact an authority figure to step in.
Manipulate the individual into seeing my side of the story or at least calming them down.
Not sure what I'd do until I found myself in the situation.
Conflict? Conflict is good. I'd probably be the first to attack.
Argue my point regardless of the consequences.

6.) How would you describe yourself?
Devout Christian.
Fundamentalist Christian.
None of the religions listed above.

7.) You are given an option... One of your enemies is going to die. You can give your life, die with them and save their soul or you can keep your life and let their soul go to waste. What do you do? (Either way your soul is safe)
Sacrifice my life and save their everlasting soul.
Things such as these should not be meddled with. I would not attempt to save their soul.
Souls are expendable, especially those of my enemies. I would save my own life.
I'd let them burn!
I would need a lot of time to think about that question.

8.) Which image do you find most intriguing? (interesting)
A burning city.
A blinding light.
A man with a pistol in his mouth.
A white sword with a golden hilt.
A briefcase full of money.

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