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» Quiz: Which form of Satanism suits you?
Which form of Satanism suits you?
created by counterfeit_reality

This is a very basic quiz to see which form of Satanism you would fit best in. Answer honestly!

1.) How do you view Satan?
Generally a life principle, or a force of nature / the first individual - the first being to acquire consciousness and self-awareness.
As the horrible father of all the sin in this world!
Satan is totally cool. Seriously. -scribbles 666 on forehead-
I believe in myself, more than anything else.

2.) How do you view Christianity's God?
As my one and only almighty savior.
Fuck that scumbag!!
I do not believe in his existence.
The entire Holy Bible is one big fairy tale story - including 'God'.

3.) What is one big important task for you to accomplish before you die?
Umm... 666!!!
To be in Gods acceptance.
To have acknowledged and experienced many human emotions with gratification, rather than guilt.
To have discovered myself and the truth.

4.) Pick a quote/statement.
It's too bad stupidity isn't painful.
God Bless you.
Hail Satan, bitches!! 666!
The Devil made me do it.

5.) What is your perception of evil?
Satan represents evil thoroughly - destroy him!!
"Evil" is a label we assign according to our mood swings to those who are politically incorrect.
Evil is in the eye of the beholder.
Yeah! Evil!!! Woo!!!

6.) Lastly, who is closest to being your inspiration?
Aleister Crowley.
Yeah.. 666.. I'm evil
Anton LaVey.
God, of course.

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