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» Quiz: Are you going to Heaven or Hell?
Are you going to Heaven or Hell?
created by i fuck alf

Let's say the Christians are right... and there is a heaven or hell. Where do you belong?

1.) You see a little old hunched over blind lady crossing the road at a busy intersection. What do you do?
Push her over and use her as a rug... it looks like it may rain.
Laugh to yourself, what a crazy old broad. Don't they design seeing eye dogs for this sort of shit?
Feel sick inside. This sight totally destroyed your sensibilities.
You ask the old lady if she needs some help... after you got a frozen yogurt from TGYI.
You rush over and grab the old lady's arm, reassuring her that you are here to help her across the road. And then you offer to help her home.
You watch the entire time wondering what the outcome will be. Will she get hit by a bus, small vehicle, large vehicle, economical, mini van, moped...

2.) You have a get out of jail free card. What do you do?
I have a mental shitlist for situations exactly like these...
I rape, murder, torture, molest, steal, woops, this is just normal activities... no fair!
I mull over my choices for so long that I never get to put into action any of my possible choices.
Hmmm... I'd probably just do something minorly bad. Maybe something out of revenge or sort of silly for shits and giggles.
Hey, is this 'get out of jail free' card exchangable for money?
I wouldn't do anything. I have no desire to do anything evil or wrong.
I would entertain a weak idea or two, but don't have the conscious for this sort of work.

3.) What thrills you more?
Helping out your fellow humans in some form or another.
Fame, money, success.
Seeing people writh with terror.
Thrill? I feel no such emotion.
Food, sex, instant gratification.
Music, Film, the Arts.
Seeing happiness on the faces of others.
Magic markers.

4.) Who is your hero?
Jesus or Mother Teresa.
Ben Affleck.
A family member alive or dead.
Kurt Cobain or Tupac.
The President.
Jenna James.

5.) You are a:
Vegan, Vegitarian, animal lover.
Reformed druggie/slut/generally unsavory character.
Tortured soul.
Ambivalent, stoical person.
Bad bad man, I do what I can...
Pervert, wife beater, lush, asshole, murderer, freak, or megalomaniac.
Kleptomaniac, pathological liar, Sociopath, Psycho, demon, or Porno Star.
Normal person.

6.) What's your favorite color?
White or yellow.
Brown or green.
Blood red.

7.) What is your favorite number?

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