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» Quiz: Are you Buddhist?
Are you Buddhist?
created by kcpaige

This is a test to see wheatther or not you are a buddhist or buddhistivita. Simple 5 question quiz with pics at the end.

1.) What happens when you die?
I die, i either go to heaven or hell, it's as simple as that.
I die, I am reborn into this over and over again.
I die. Period, end of story
I die, i am reborn into either this world, an animal, a hell world, a god world, or i pass on after finding true nirvanna.

2.) Where did we all come from?
The buddah created us all at the begining of time.
Hello! Genisis chapter one, adam and eve.
We were reborn into this world because kharma was with us and we all are here to find ourselves and become a buddah or buddavista.
We were all reborn into this world as we have been for all eternity.

3.) What is kharma to you.
In a past life i have done wrong therefore i will suffer in this life. But hey i wasn't that bad because i'm not an animal or trapped in a hell world.
Khrama is just some new age BS. If i do something wrong god will punish me by sending me to hell. Read the bible once in a while.
What goes around comes around. Simple as that.

4.) What is your view on meditation?
Meditation is some more bs from new age hippies.
It is a way to find oneself and past lives. Through meditation is the only way to rid myself of all suffering.
It is a wonderful way to relax and calm myself, but it has no other purpose

5.) Should you eat Meat?
Yes, except for pork. And not on fridays besides fish.
If that is what you wanna do go right on ahead.
Only if it is offered to you, other than that it is wrong to eat any animal because they were human in the past and are just being punished.
I eat ehat i want to eat, meat sure, but nothing stops me from doing what i want to do.

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