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» Quiz: Are you Satans Angel?
Are you Satans Angel?
created by Angel-Of-the-Death


1.) What do you thnk about Satan?
He is so cool
I love him, and i am Satanist too
he is a dick!
i don't know
hmm? he is okay...

2.) you shall read a chapter from the bible! What do you say...?
What the hell are you thinking on, mann?
all right this one time!
Yes i'd love to read from the bible!

3.) You have this choice ! go to hell or the heaven? What do you Choice?
Hell! of course...
are you sick! What do you think, I choice Hell! I miss Satan so much
hell! there is all not perfect like the heaven
i Don't know right now
heaven i miss the blue sky...

4.) Are you a angel from the heaven or hell?

5.) .....What do you think about this Quiz?
Hell Good!
i don't know

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