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created by sunhitstheskye

Want to take a religion quiz that actually includes Eastern religions?

1.) Do you beleive in a God?
Yes, I beleive in God
Yes, Krishna
Yes, Allah
I beleive there are many Gods with different functions and positions of power
I don't know what I believe
Yes Yes Yes WWJD!

2.) What do you think happens when we die?
If we live a good life, we will go to Heavon. If we are sinners, we will go to hell
Our energy is transformed into new beings; it's all a cycle.
We are reborn again and again until we have undone all of our kharma. Then we go to a better place, according to which demigods or deities we worship
We are reborn until our kharma is paid for. Then we go on.
We go on to a better place if we lived a just life
yeah sure whatever
i dont know and i sure am scared!!

3.) if you beleive we go somewhere else, where do we go?
To Heaven! Hell yeah!
We don't. Heavon and hell are foolish illusions
To whichever diety you have worshipped
Hopefully to Krishna's eternal abode!
Somewhere where hopefully my face won't get cut up, stiched back on, and cut up again.
The Holy land. Isreal is all ours at last!
Hopefully somewhere nice with free icecream.

4.) What do you think of the war on Iraq?
Go get em! Hoooo Boy, I hate those evil freedom haters!
It is sad but nessisary. After all, it is God's will
Sometimes we have to make tough choices
In the end it will not make a difference. We need to focus on the NOW.
I just hope it dosent spread!
It is very very sad to see
How sad to see Geroge Bush deceide for us all
Please stop hating us! You treat us so terribly. I just want the war to end
Americans need to open their minds
Isreal is all ours. Muhahaha!
what war? Im gonna go play more vice city

5.) Do you celebrate christmass?
Yes, oh holy day
Yeah I guess. Presents!!
No, only Haunikka (but spelled way different)
No, but we have Ramadan in October, and it's way more wholesome.
huh? No.. My family wants me too though
That is rediculous.

6.) What is your religion based on?
5 pillers.
Teachings of the Buddha
The Bhagavd Gita
The Gita and other vedic literature
The Koran. (Mohammed's teachings)
I dont know, but we're having a bharmitzha soon
Keeping myself alive in this crazy world!

7.) why is there evil in the world?
Because of past kharmas, and to preserve the balance on the world
With good comes evil
Evil is Satan Testing us
We must endure evil to reach the highest perfection
evil? Us supposedly... But don't even get me started on Geroge W.
who cares

8.) What do you say?
I love Jesus Christ. WWJD
we must meditate and relax our minds in order to accheive perfection
The sacred monosyllable Om
Hare Krishna Hare Krishna, Krishna Krishna Hare Hare, Hare Rama Hare Rama,Rama Rama Hare Hare (The Mahrmantra)
What?! Those weirdo cult people I swear..
God is one and only one
cnawengna hg aeboaemnhn

9.) How was the world created?
God God GOD!!!!
Through the trancendental properties of nature
Through light, and the divine imagination of the Gods
Through Light, and divine imagination
Um, evolution

10.) who is your hero?
Yusuf Islam! (aka Cat Stevens)
Bill Cosby
Adam Sandler
all gloris to SRI Krishna!
Brahma, Siva, or Vishnu
Buddah, duh

11.) Was it obvious that I, despite my jewish friends, know nothing of jewish culture?
Yes, you bastard!
I didn't notice

12.) Is it obvious that I'm a Hare Kriishna making this quiz for other Hindus that felt cheated by this board?
Yes, because it's kind of an obscure thing to put in here for no reason
Yes, you're busted
Hairy what?
yes and thankyou!
Yes and thanks! Hare Bol!

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