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» Quiz: What religious Item are you?
What religious Item are you?
created by XxMusicSavesXx

depending on your faith what item can link you to your beliefs?

1.) who do you pray to?
god the father, god the son, and god the holy spirit
the lord and lady and the elements...i believe we are connected as one
i dont really pray at all

2.) where do you go to pray?
umm at my church...duhhh
with my coven
ok..like i said i really dont pray...i dont think it is neccessary

3.) what is your way of respecting your religion?
thanking my lord...going to church and confessing my sins....trying to get in to heaven basically
i write down the days of celebration...and on those days i hang certain ornaments, say prayers, give thanks to the earth
i dont have one

4.) what do you believe in?
that there is a jesus and that he is the one who created life and died for us to live
i believe that i am all, i am connected with the earth, and that in the after life there is eternal peace
i believe more so in fate then anything else....nothing religious

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