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» Quiz: A strange ass quiz
A strange ass quiz
created by Sejiph

Do you know?

1.) Who are Sejiph, Lunar and Solaris(AKA Wisp)
Sejiph Lunar and Solaris are God/esses
Sejiph is a loser and Lunar and Solaris is latin for Moon and Sun
I dont know who they are im just bored
I like the sound of them, they must be evil.
are they edible?
I like cheese!
are they toys?

2.) What does human flesh REALLY LOOK LIKE
not answerable in text
Um I dont know... Fleshy?
yummy, if its the opposite sex!
I like Muffins!
... poop>? dont answer...

3.) What is the run away moon we call a planet?
the sun?
I like pants!

4.) Are you mentally ill?
S/He might be, Ill have to ask him/her

5.) Are you an idiot?
um... no... I dont think so!
I thought... never mind
I like Gir!

6.) Who is socrates?
Bobs best friend
Did he die?
Shes the presidents wife!
Is that So-Crates?
an ancient philosopher.
I like dookie!

7.) what is the perpous of life?
to love
I like... Monkies!
to punish ourselves for previous stupidity!
Life? who gives a FXXK?
is it blood?
there is none!

8.) what does the phrase eat it, it's a sandwhich mean to you?
hey you stole that line from total distortion you cheesy bastard!
um, Im giving you a sandwhich, eat it?
Im gonna kill you mudda fukka!
um... I ran out of things to like... wait the song is coming on. I Like rainbows!

9.) finish this phrase: Somethan tells me that I...
um no.
That I hate you!
I Need tacos, I need them or i will explode, that happens to me sometimes...
dont care!

10.) What is life most like
some than youll never figure out bub!
Video games!
A maze
a horror movie, and your the star!
A pile of shit!
I like... aw no fun, nothing else to like.
a chinese finger trap.

11.) do you eat meat?
what the hell do you wanna know for?

12.) bobs mom likes?
who is this bob you speak of?
there is no bob! bob is short for... uh somethan else!
bob is a hobo, his mom likes money

13.) what is the gayest name ever?
cloud, sky, diasy, ect...

14.) Do i hate you?
Do I know you?
I dont even know you!

15.) If you had to pick between one and two, which would you pick?
0 or 3

16.) if you had pants, would you wear them?
of course pants are godly!
why not?
I prefer dresses/skirts/ or whatever
I hate pants!

17.) What does Sejiph do?
Makes souls
eats souls
eats people
he doesnt exist!
he... um... Exists but i dont know him/her!

18.) where did i get the name Sejiph?
God gave it to me.
It was bestoed on me by my G/F
I made it up, combining different words to make a neat sounding and looking name!
I took it as I am His cleric

19.) Where did i get the name Angelous?
Again, God!
From my Girlfriend
You momma
You took it you stupid theif, its not even a good name!
You had onothing better to do than run around losangeles after night and slaying vampires being one at that.

20.) what pain is most pleasing?

21.) why the hell was I sucking my thumb for about an hour until i realized i was doing it.
how am i supposed to know you phsyco?
cause your a little kid!
You dont know yourself!
cuase your a hobo
Cuase you were struck with so much awe, you felt childesh and helpless so you had to rely on what you did in the past!

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