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» Quiz: What Religion suits you?
What Religion suits you?
created by dark_vampire

1.) Do belive that the is atleast some god that deserves to be worshipped?
Yes and He is great and sent his beloved Son to die for us...
Yep. He is really cool and Evil. x scribbles 666 on foreheadx
Yep...his name is DEATH!!!!
the God and Goddess of Light. Blessed be!

2.) How do you loook upon yourself?
An imperfect being who will be frogiven one day because I belive in the Lord Almighty
I do my best to be humble and love all
I'm myself
I'm always in the dark awaiting my next victim

3.) What religion are you parents?
I don't know..I killed them a few years ago..or atleast wish I had...
My parents are Christian
They don't know what religion they are and do not approve of the path I have chosen
My parents don't have a religion
I killed them a while ago so I don't know

4.) Do you believe in the difference of Light and Dark?
Yep! and I chose the DARK side!!!!
unfortunately i was forced into the dark
Yes and I use both to my advantage
Light is the only true path

5.) What Golden Rule do you fit wiht more often than the rest?
Do unto others as you want done unto you
Feed only off those who no longer wish to live or have taken the life of another
Be evil and ignore thise who question your ways
follow your own rules
If it harms none, Do as ye will

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