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» Quiz: Your Souls Inner Kindred Vampiress (Girls Only) W/Pics
Your Souls Inner Kindred Vampiress (Girls Only) W/Pics
created by FangedWarrioress

The Kind Of Vampiress Your Soul Reflects You Would Be

1.) Choose A Word That Best Describes You
All or Nothing

2.) Of Course Color Commentary, Choose The Color You Are Most Attracted To
Blood Red
Satin Purple
Shyt Brown

3.) What Would You Do If You Saw Another Vampire Attacking A Human?
I'm So Twisted I'm Not Sure What I Would Do
Walk On Over And Charm The Vampire Into Sharing The Victim. Kiss The Victim Then Nibble Up Their Neck Before Draining Them.
You Waltz On Over Making Short Conversation With The Vampire Asking How They Can Eat Something So Dirty And Low Classed
You Walk Away Refusing To Let This Messy vampire Ruin Your Precious Outfit
You Run Over catching The Vampire By Suprise, Killing It And Then You Drop Off The Victim At The Nearest Hospital
You Walk Over Ripping The Victim From The Other Vampire And Catch The Vampires Eyes With Yours As You Savage The Victims Throat. The Vampire Leaves

4.) Do You Believe Yourself To Be More
Sexually Corrupt
I Don't Believe In Labels

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