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» Quiz: How Racist are you
How Racist are you
created by kerrykinz88

The point of this quiz is too test how racist you are.

1.) You are in line at the 7/11 and the east indian clerk doesn't understand what you mean when you ask, where are the cheetos...
Say thank you Sir and continue looking yourself.
You call him a subhuman piece of dirt who doesn't deserve life on earth and leave the store.
You call him a rag head, find the cheesies and throw the money on the counter, telling him to buy deoderant with the change then leave.
You look him in the eye and say C H E E S I E S, over and over until he understands.
Something else

2.) You pick your niece up from school and realize her and her friend bobby are the only white kids on the entire playground of about 30 kids you..
Smile at Leroy the little black boy as you leave.
You invite leroy over to dinner thinking he and your niece could make great friends.
You look around wondering what has the world come to and where are all the white kids?
You take your niece out of that school and send her to a private school that is FAR less diverse.

3.) When you hear about the Holocaust in school you...
What holocaust
ask the teacher why jews were treated so bad, they are people too aren't they?
Explain to the class the germans were only doing what was nesseccary for the purity and sanctity of the aryan race.
Jews...died?...pfft so what
Cry, because you are jewish

4.) Do you believe aryans are the supreme human race?
Of course they are, because i wouldn't classify other races as humans.
No, we are all createc equal.
NO, i liek black people the best, G UNIT in Da House home slice

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