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» Quiz: Where Do You Fit in My Cult?
Where Do You Fit in My Cult?
created by Xorya

As the title states, this quiz determines what position you would hold in my cult... (not that you would want to be in my cult, or that I would want you ...) I suppose it could also relate to society in general, and where you fit..

1.) First and foremost, why are you taking this quiz?
It sounded interesting, and I am curious what my outcome will be.
I'm a quiz whore, I've taken nearly every quiz on this site!
Complete and utter boredom.

2.) Let's get the dreaded color question out of the way... which do you prefer?
Anything deep, depressing, and/or hindering (usually dark colors)
The ones that reach out and grab attention (usually neons or bright colors).
Those that let me go about my business unnoticed (Neutral tones, greys, etc)
Whatever feels right at the time.
I see no reason colors have anything to do with this quiz.

3.) Which statement best relates to how you interact(ed) at school?
I am/was the class clown: always the center of attention, making an ass of myself and distracting everyone. Rarely ever focused on learning.
I am/was inquisitive: If there is something I don't understand, I don't stop asking questions until I get it.
I am/was a smartass: I constantly argue and debate with teachers, Always Question Authority is my motto!
I am/was always very focused and responsible: If others around me have difficulties, I try to help as well.
I am/was the one sitting quietly in the corner, minding my own business: Nobody knows if I'm working, doodling, or sleeping... but I'm left alone.

4.) Let's say your best friend and his/her significant other just had an arguement. Your friend comes to you for advice. Which is your most likely reaction?
Comfort them, let them cry on your shoulder, tell them things will be fine, etc... anything to make them feel better.
Dig into the situation, ask questions, etc... try to find the underlying cause of it, it may be less obvious than it seems...
Talk to the significant other and your friend, either together or seperately... Put yourself in the middle and try to resolve their conflict.
Advice? I have enough of my own problems to worry about!

5.) Which is closest to your opinion on religion in general?
Society craves comfort in the idea of a higher power... It is basically a way to shift the blame for their problems onto anything but themselves.
You have your beliefs (whatever they may be), and nothing will change them... so long as people respect that, you will respect their beliefs as well.

6.) Think about the music you usually listen to... which of these is (or is close to) a reason why this music appeals to you?
The lyrics; I can relate to them, they make me think, etc...
The artist/band says it how it is, instead of sugar-coating happy lies about love and society
It is fitting to my mood, it just sounds good, etc...
It's catchy and infectious, my friends listen to it, etc
The music I listen to does not have any relationship to the topic of this quiz.

7.) Choose a word...

8.) Choose a band from the following (If none of them appeal to you, either pick one at random or simply skip this question).
Machines of Loving Grace
Skinny Puppy
Negative Flood Cycle
Linkin Park

9.) Final question. I KNOW this was a lame quiz... but what'd you think?
Good, but could use a few improvements.
It wasn't all that bad...
You're right, it was pretty lame.
It was a complete waste of my time.

10.) Thank you for your participation. Ta ta.
Fuck you.

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