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» Quiz: How goth are you?
How goth are you?
created by lil_goth_witch

Ever wondered how goth you are? Or are you unsure if to class yourself as a goth? Find out with this quiz

1.) What type of clothes do you wear?
Black!! it's got to be black!! It's the same colour as my soul!!
Anything thats black along with collars, chains and gauntlets!
Black jeans and a top
tracksuits and footie tops!
Some black clothes but anything i fancy wearing
mind your own fucking business

2.) Do you wear goth make up?
YES!! Are you fucking crazy??? I don't go anywhere without my face looking deathly!!
yes, but only when i feel like it.
goth make up? what the fuck do you think i am???
only psycho's wear that stuff don't they??

3.) What type of music do you listen to?
metal/death metal/black metal
dance music
music!...it's got fuck all to do with you anyway!

4.) What style is your hair?
Long and black!
short and black
i don't have any hair, i'm a skinhead/shaved
i have hair, it's just there ok?

5.) what saying suits you best?
you just hate me cos i'm goth!!
don't piss me off because i have nowhere else to bury the bodies!
i'm a goth like it or lump it
fuck off
take me the way i am
i'm a townie! Ok?
how many times do i have to say it's none of your fucking business??

6.) what colour do you perfer?
black!! As i've said before it's the colour of my soul!!
dark colours
bright colours, i don't care as long as it's bright
i don't mind
who cares about this fucking question?
i don't care!

7.) where is your ideal paradise?
in hell with satan!
on an island with my fav band
in a dessert
down the pub/club with my mates
away from you!!
i don't know

8.) if you weren't doing this quiz right now, where would you be?
i a goth club head banging/moshing away!!
persuming it was night time, at a party, or in a club getting pissed
at a footie match
socializing with my friends
down the pub
probably in the house piling my goth make up on
at the cinema watching a horror
the hell away from you
fuck off, i'm not telling you

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