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» Quiz: Are you Nuts about Halloween, or just Nuts?
Are you Nuts about Halloween, or just Nuts?
created by JackSkellington

Test your knowledge of all things Halloween with this simple little quiz!

1.) Halloween was originally called...
All Hallow's Eve
St.Valentine's Day

2.) Halloween marks...
the last full moon of the year
the Celtic New Year
a time to worship the dead
Dentists' favorite day of the year

3.) Jack-O-Lanterns were originally carved from...
the heads of corpses

4.) Vampires like to avoid...
silver bullets
wooden stakes

5.) Frankenstein was...
a doctor
a creature brought to life by a bolt of lightning
all of the above

6.) Which is most likely to be a companion to a Witch?
a ghost
a spider
a black cat
a broomstick

7.) A Full Moon causes...
a Werewolf to transform
the Headless Horseman to ride
a Mummy to awaken
a Vampire to rise from his coffin

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